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<h3>Various Creation Methods</h3>

Various Creation Methods

eTower parcel delivery system has various order creation methods, including manual addition, template batch addition and API docking addition. Automatically obtaining platform parcel delivery orders. 

<h3>Diversified Label Printing</h3>

Diversified Label Printing

Diversified parcel delivery label printing. Allowing different custom parcel delivery label templates of the channel side to export templates, docking files, produce commercial invoices and bills. 

<h3>Docking with operation station</h3>

Docking with operation station

Docking with parcel operation station, monitoring parcel a-scan, parcel scan, parcel weighs, parcel sorting, parcel package, and other data in real-time. Implement complex parcel sorting logic and mobile operations. 



Parcel delivery system integrating all cross-border collaboration partners in the parcel delivery system supply chain to achieve data docking. Real-time order data monitoring return. 

<h3>The freight budget</h3>

The freight budget

The parcel freight budget, surcharges, VAT, multi-step freight fees calculation and multiple parcel shipment.

<h3>​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path</h3>

​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path

eTower parcel shipping software system can Track and monitor the parcel path, and updating the parcel information in real time. 

<h3>Channel routing</h3>

Channel routing

Channel routing, multi-channel supplier selections, parcel transparent price, achieving the parcel delivery optimal pricing standard. 



Bonded parcel warehouse (WMS), Overseas warehouse parcel transport and parcel FBA replenishment management etc. Parcel delivery system business requirements, optimize business timeliness.

<h3>​API connection</h3>

​API connection

Parcel shipping software with API connection, data connection and information chain sharing with various parcel delivery system ERP trading assistants.

<h3>Business models</h3>

Business models

Parcel delivery spftware system business models such as International express integration, cross- border small parcel integration, Domestic fulfillment order management and cross-border e-commerce service integration etc., And also provide custom parcel delivery development service.

<h3>Monitor abnormal parcel</h3>

Monitor abnormal parcel

eTower can monitor abnormal parcel in real time and provide corresponding solutions in time.

Who Need Us
What can we solve

eTower can provide a set of integrated operating system to meet the requirements about daily millions of orders system operation. Covering the whole operation processes include pre-order, A-scan, scan, weighing, bagging, transport, customs clearance and last-mile delivery. At present, eTower's system processing capacity is suitable for all levels of integrator business. As a SAAS service based on cloud computing, eTower's system is deployed on AWS cloud servers around the world, which is convenient for users in different regions to avoid network delays and other network troubles.

eCommerce Platforms
What can we solve

Multiple choice: eTower can realize the rapid launch of cross-border logistics service providers, providing a variety of logistics options for sellers on the platform, and meet the diverse delivery needs of sellers.

Monitoring: eTower can help the platform to centrally assess and manage the service failure and service stability of logistics suppliers

Business expansion: eTower can help the platform introduce more ecological partner resources to help the platform achieve business expansion.

Cross-border Sellers
Cross-border Sellers
What can we solve?

To meet the needs of cross-border top sellers, fulfilling thousands of orders daily. Not only we provide first-mile service, but also abundant last-mile services. Seller's self-owned services can also be connected to the system through API docking. Helping cross-border sellers solve complex logistics provider management needs. To realize the integration of logistics related partners in one place, such as stocking, distributing, warehousing and other services. “Keeping you focus on business. We solve the other problems”. 

Value Added Service Providers
What can we solve

eTower is a cross-border e-commerce collaborative SaaS platform, which integrate all parties in the cross-border logistics chain, help to share data timely and make collaborative work more efficient. High scalability and compatibility of eTower ensure all parties can easily connect through API. In order to meet the multi-domain business requirements of different customers, we have configured convenient usage scenarios for various value-added service providers. Enabling the shipper or logistics provider to freely choose services, such as cross-border payment, insurance, VAT, IOSS and other services. To bring customers one-stop service is our pursuit.

Logistic Providers
What can we solve

eTower system not only can meet your existing customers' business operation services needs, but also can help you to expand new business by abundant resources (including national postal services such as Australia Post, Japan Post, Canada Post, PostNL, BPost and PostNord, also other top 20 forwarders in the world such as Crane etc.). eTower cross-border logistics ecosystem helps you to quickly enter the cross-border logistics business chain, accelerate resource acquisition. Finally achieve ecological empowerment.

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