Who Uses Shipping Software?


What is shipping software?

If you run an e-commerce business, you know that many different factors affect freight. The weight and size of the package and the area of transport all affect the price.

Shipping software is a solution that integrates with your e-commerce platform to provide shipping estimates for your products. The software also allows you to print transport labels from your computer.

Shipping software is usually available on a subscription basis, so you will pay a monthly or annual fee. The specific costs and functions will vary depending on the service you choose.

Types of shipping software

1. Multi-Carrier Shipping System Software

Multi-carrier shipping software allows shippers to select carriers and prepare documents from a system, which enables easy conversion between shippers and exporters. It allows the shipper to compare the carrier to ensure the best rate, time of carriage and date of arrival for each shipment. This shipping software is used by shippers and exporters of large quantities and/or high value goods and by time-sensitive global shippers.

2. Freight agent software

Agents that need to help manage a customer's freight, invoice a customer, and pay a carrier are likely to need to purchase freight agent software. Freight agent software is designed to make it easy for a freight agent to enter goods, find and identify carriers, dispatch drivers, invoice customers, and pay carriers. As you may have guessed, this type of software is intended for freight agents.

3. Freight Forwarder Software

These procedures manage the freight forwarding business, including documents, e-mail templates, customer notifications, dashboards, and other business tools needed by the freight forwarder for success.

4. Freight management system software

Also known as a transportation management system, it helps shippers streamline supply chain operations, simplify transportation processes, and improve logistics efficiency. It is a subset of supply chain management that handles the planning, execution and optimization of physical movement of goods.

More simply, it is a logistics platform that enables users to manage and optimize the day-to-day operation of their fleet of transportation. Shippers and logistics service providers, including manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce organizations, wholesalers, retailers, and third-party logistics companies, use this type of software.

5. E-commerce shipping software

E-commerce transportation software helps enterprises organize their e-commerce data, integrate cloud systems, configure business rules, and consider factors such as consumer purchase decisions and transportation strategies. It is designed to help e-commerce enterprises reduce overall costs and improve efficiency through advanced inventory management and import/export options. E-commerce transportation software can be used by e-commerce enterprises that ship and export in China.

6. Freight Tracking Software

This software enables shippers and exporters to see the location of their goods at every point in the transport process. Depending on the needs of the shipper, there are several types of cargo tracking software products, ranging from land to air to sea (or any combination thereof). Ocean container tracking software can track shipping containers in the supply chain; Some types of software allow shippers and exporters to find specific voyages, book containers, submit shipping instructions, track the movement of containers, manage shipping rates, compare container rates, and so on.

Freight tracking software is useful for shippers and exporters who want to have a clear understanding of each point of the journey.

7. Transport Label Software

A quick search on Google will find countless transportation label software, templates, printable files, and so on, which shippers and exporters can use for their goods and freight. Transport label software makes it easy for shippers to create and print transport labels from their desktops.


Who will use it

1: Integrator

It can provide a complete set of operating systems to fully satisfy sunrise millions of single-scale system operations, from pre-order to pre-scan, scan bagging, transshipment, customs clearance, tail-end delivery of a complete set of operation processes, system peak single customer reaches sunrise millions single-level, can be competent for any level of banker transport business, cloud-based SAAS services, eTower system deployed on the global AWS cloud server, Convenient for users in different regions to avoid network delays and other problems.

2: Transporter - Logistic Provider

The eTower system now supports both your existing customer business operations, and the resources of each node on eTower can be shared to help you continue to expand your new business. The end of eTower's journey includes not only state-level postal services such as Australian Postal, Canadian Postal, Dutch Postal, Bishop, Japanese Postal, Swedish Postal, but also top 20 forwarding agents such as Crane, who can work together to share the first and last journey resources.

3: Cross Border Platform

ETower multi-party collaboration: close integration of sellers, logistics integrators, logistics suppliers, all parties can see the orders they should process and the work they need to process, openness and scalability: can be related to sellers, warehouses, logistics, last kilometer delivery and other links and API docking, to facilitate all parties in the entire logistics chain to upload orders or obtain logistics progress information, The overall information can also be returned to the platform to meet the overall logistics needs of the platform. Currently, eTower users are also many cross-border e-commerce platform official logistics partners.

4: Cross Border Seller

To meet the needs of cross-border head sellers, thousands of orders of sunrise, not only the first journey service, but also the rich last journey service, or their own services can be docked through API and connected to the system. In order to facilitate customer needs, they can also customize the development for some special needs, and help enterprises to reduce costs on a volume basis, without investing too much money at one time, i.e. rent-and-use, Configuration and delivery can be completed in a short time.

5: Value Added Service Provider

ETower is a cross-border e-commerce collaborative SaaS platform, which integrates all parties in the cross-border logistics chain to help timely data sharing and collaboration work more efficiently. ETower's high scalability and compatibility ensure easy API connectivity for all parties. To meet the multidisciplinary business needs of different customers, we have configured convenient scenarios for different value-added business providers. Shippers or logistics suppliers are free to choose value-added services such as cross-border payments, insurance, value-added, loss, etc. To provide customers with one-stop service is our pursuit.

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