Small Parcel Suite: Efficient Paperless Best Practices for Logistics


Why enhance global small parcel shipping?

With peak season parcel volumes up 18% year-on-year, third party parcel logistics and their e-commerce customers are experiencing rapid growth. In addition, the rise of online purchasing and consumer demand for faster delivery is putting enormous pressure on their organisations to meet customer service level agreements (SLAs) with little room for error. To help manage this growth through digital edi/api technology and best practice workflows to help cross-border logistics service providers outpace the industry's growth, the need to unify and automate shipping processes and move from paper and Excel to managed operations is essential to meet customer expectations and grow their business.

logistics parcel management software provides best practice based global small parcel shipping to improve efficiency and help 3PLs move towards paperless parcel handling

eTower's cloud-based cross-border logistics management software system, built to meet the unique needs of 3PL parcel shipping, is focused on improving efficiency in global small parcel shipping logistics across borders.

eTower logistics parcel management software meets the unique needs of high-volume e-commerce parcel shipments after extensive consultation with cross-border logistics operations professionals. By integrating 3PL-centric shipping and management functions into a unified suite, a seamless, best-practice picking, packing and shipping workflow is created that warehouses can use to reduce labour, improve accuracy and streamline the work required to ship parcels. Save thousands of dollars a month in labour and postage by selecting the cheapest shipping rates for their customers with our software.

As an industry leader, eTower has delivered over one billion shipments to the fastest growing brands and logistics companies. With the eTower integration, 3PL offers a wider choice of carriers to better support high-volume shipments and will soon include shipment confirmation and address verification.

Small Parcel Shipping Suite software features

The enhanced functionality of the Small Parcel Shipping Suite has significantly reduced physical labour, with customers reporting a 75% reduction in shipping workflows compared to the previous one.

As part of a paperless best practice workflow, the Small Parcel Shipping Suite acts as an end-to-end solution for e-commerce and high-volume fulfilment. Simplifying cross-border logistics efficiency, valuable time is saved by eliminating the need for operating station personnel to print picking orders. After picking orders, parcels are scanned, packed and verified, all within the same UI, reducing the training required for warehouse staff. These automated workflows are completed in an integrated paperless workflow, all within the system.

Some eTower customers are already benefiting from these improvements.

Logistics service providers: The Unified Small Parcel Shipping Suite has enabled us to expand our drop shipment business and save US$1,000 per month in labour costs for our cross-border logistics services. Customers using the Unified Small Parcel Suite save up to three minutes per order, eliminating the manual labour required to copy addresses, process multiple spreadsheets and find the best carrier. Increased efficiency saves parcel processing and shipping time

Parcel operator station operators: Significantly improve the efficiency of our order processing with a unified view for scanning, packing, labelling and shipping. Enables faster scan verification, so our team can process small parcel orders faster. It's also very intuitive to use.

With the exponential growth in e-commerce demand, we know that many 3PLs are struggling with inefficient small parcel processes, carrier complexity and manual data entry, and in order for 3PLs to scale, they need a logistics function that offers streamlined and efficient small parcel cross-border logistics to improve the efficiency of their packaging and shipping processes.

 3PLs can reduce packaging time by up to 50% by offering regular order packing and shelf packing.

eTower is the leader in cloud-based cross-border parcel logistics solutions designed to meet 3PL's unique parcel logistics needs. As the backbone of our customers' operations, our platform quickly transforms paper-based, error-prone operations into a service leader that can focus on customer satisfaction, operate more efficiently and grow faster. We offer a comprehensive logistics management platform that allows 3PL to easily manage logistics, automate daily tasks and provide complete visibility to our customers.

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