What is pre alert


What is pre alert?

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What does Pre-alert mean?

In shipping, Pre-alert, or P/A for short, means that the consignor or its agent tells the consignee or its agent and other relevant parties by e-mail, fax, etc., after the goods have been sent out, to let them know that the goods have been shipped, so that they can make preparations in advance for customs clearance and pickup of the goods.

After the customer delivers or the integrator arranges the flight, pre-alert will send a email to the tailgate or customs clearance bank, informing them that there is a package ready to fly to an international airport; the tailgate or customs clearance agent can arrange customs clearance, airport pick-up and other follow-up work.

What information are from Pre-Alert?

A pre-alert in shipping can help a lot. For the importer or the consignee, the pre-alert can be used for advanced planning and distribution. For the freight forwarder, it’s usually used for submission of the inward foreign manifest and the on-carriage. For the customs broker, it is used as a document to prepare import customs clearance and in some countries. Besides, it’s even used to pre-declare shipments before they arrive. This passage is telling about the shipment details that are typically found on a pre-alert.

What is pre alert


1. Shipper-The sender/seller/exporter of the goods.

Consignee-The receiver/buyer/importer of the goods. Full contact details are indicated on the pre-alert so that brokers and freight forwarders know the delivery address.

2. MBL/Master AWB Number-The pre-alert will also feature the MBL number for ocean freight shipments or the Master AWB for air freight shipments.

3. HBL/House AWB Number- It contains a freight forwarder’s HBL number for sea freight shipments or House AWB number for airfreight shipments.

4. Vessel/Flight Information-The pre-alert can load the name of the vessel/airline on which the cargo or containers.

5. Cargo Information- You can konw whether special trucks or trailers need to be used for on-carriage or not.

6. Packing List- All the items in this shipment can be included on the list, such as the name, weight and quantity of the goods.

7. Invoice-It can provide a list of the cargo value for each item and in total. It is used by customs authorities to determine the applicable duties and taxes.

8. Estimated Arrival (ETA)-The estimated arrival of the vessel or aircraft at the port of discharge or destination airport. Used for various tasks such as manifest sending, special equipment allocation, or shipment planning.

9. Estimated/Actual Departure (ETD/ATD)-The estimated and actual departure date of a vessel or aircraft.

10. Port of Loading/Origin Airport -The sea port or airport where the shipment is loaded.

11. Port of Discharge/Destination Airport- You can get the location of the sea port or airport.

12. Incoterm- It’s helpfule to understand the responsibility and handover of the shipment.

13. MSDS-It is used for shipping dangerous goods.

14. Additional Forms-Any other relevant shipping forms (E.g. COO, CoA, Form D, etc.) can be found through pre-alert.

Benefits of Pre alert in parcel shipping

● Advance Preparation: Pre-alert allows interested parties to know in advance that a shipment is about to arrive, providing enough lead time to help plan and schedule resources such as manpower and equipment.

● Reducing the risk of delays: Pre-alert helps to prevent uncertainty in the transportation process and reduces the risk of delays due to unforeseen events. The relevant teams can respond to potential problems in a more timely manner.

● Improve transportation visibility: Pre-alert provides real-time information about the movement of goods, increasing visibility throughout the supply chain. Stakeholders can better track the status of their shipments, increasing the transparency of the logistics process.

● Coordinate operations: Pre-alert coordinates operations across different segments to ensure the smooth transportation of goods. Relevant departments and partners can work together to improve overall efficiency.

● Increased Customer Satisfaction: For customers, knowing in advance the arrival time of their shipments helps them to better organize their own receiving process and increase customer satisfaction.

Overall, Pre-alert plays an important role in logistics and transportation in terms of advance notification, coordination of resources, risk reduction, visibility, etc. It has a positive impact on the establishment of an efficient supply chain and the improvement of overall operational efficiency

As we delve into what pre-alert means and how it impacts the logistics landscape, we also introduce you to eTower, a game-changing force in freight forwarding and parcel shipping software development.

Introducing eTower: Your Pre-Alert Solution

As the logistics industry continues to demand streamlined processes and heightened efficiency, eTower emerges as a key player in delivering cutting-edge software solutions. Their expertise extends beyond pre-alert management to encompass the entire freight forwarding and parcel shipping process.

With eTower's innovative software, freight forwarders can automate and optimize their pre-alert processes, ensuring that critical information reaches the right hands at the right time. Here's how eTower can help you master the art of pre-alerts:

● Real-time Updates: eTower's software provides real-time tracking and alerts, enabling you to keep all stakeholders informed and up-to-date throughout the shipping journey.

● Efficient Communication: Streamline communication with customs authorities, consignees, and other partners, reducing paperwork and delays.

● Customization: Tailor eTower's software to your specific needs, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates into your existing operations.

● Enhanced Visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of your shipments, allowing for better planning and decision-making.

By choosing eTower as your partner in freight forwarding and parcel shipping software development, you not only optimize your pre-alert processes but also gain access to a suite of tools designed to propel your logistics operations to new heights.

In an industry where time and information are of the essence, mastering pre-alerts is no longer a luxury but a necessity. To discover how eTower can transform your logistics processes and elevate your pre-alert management, visit https://www.etowertech.com/ today.

For more information about shipping management system information and other applications, welcome to contact us, please visit our website at https://www.etowertech.com/ . We will be happy to help you out! 

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