Streamline the shipping process with multi-carrier shipping software


How to streamline the shipping process with multi-carrier shipping software

Cross-border e-commerce is becoming a focal point for sales channels due to the increased demand generated by COVID-19, and cross-border parcel logistics has become one of the difficult aspects of cross-border e-commerce. Unfortunately, the task of meeting e-commerce demand and delivering products to customers' doorsteps has never seemed more difficult due to supply chain disruptions and inefficient transport systems. As a result, not only shippers but also cross-border parcel carriers are looking for multi carrier shipping solution that will allow them to optimize their cross-border parcel logistics processes and increase efficiency while improving the customer experience.

As shippers' demand for flexible and cost-effective multi carrier shipping solution continues to grow, one of their key considerations is the move to a multi-carrier distribution strategy. This will help shippers to reduce cross-border logistics transportation costs, provide consistent service levels to their customers and meet their demanding cross-border logistics transportation requirements.

Cross-border logistics involves a variety of links and platforms

Because cross-border logistics is an end-to-end logistics process between countries, the operational systems and links involved are complex and diverse. There is no doubt that single carrier systems are carefully designed for the individual carriers they represent. Each carrier applies strict and unique labeling and electronic communication requirements, which enable them to deliver parcels through their network. Shippers who prefer to work with a particular carrier must meet that carrier's requirements or suffer the consequences of late delivery, lost parcels or unexpected surcharges and fees - and the carrier provides the multi carrier shipping software that makes this compliance possible.

The difficulty of managing multiple carriers

For shippers who prefer to manage and switch between multiple carriers, the management and interoperability of these different multi carrier shipping software can be very difficult - either because of the number of contracts they are tied to, or because managing separate systems for different carriers is too clunky. Keystrokes and human error can easily occur when dealing with different sets of requirements and multiple staff using different terminals. This can cost your business money in terms of late deliveries, lost parcels, unexpected charges, or unavailability of specific services, not to mention the impact it can have on your customer service. But what's the answer? Implement a multi-carrier shipping solution.

What is multi-carrier shipping software?

Multi-carrier shipping software is a solution specifically designed to simplify the complexity of the parcel shipping process. It consolidates your network of contracted carriers into a single, intuitive platform, enabling your business to reduce costs by rate shopping for the best shipping options between contracted carrier services while ensuring on-time delivery to exceed customer expectations. But the benefits don't stop there. With a multi carrier shipping solution, you can automate label printing, monitor parcel movements, track orders to delivery points and streamline shipping operations across different carriers, while ensuring carrier compliance.


Benefits of multi-carrier shipping software

Multi-carrier shipping software offers a number of solutions to the challenges faced by businesses, whether they are shipping large or small parcels. 

These benefits include

Faster shipping: You can compare delivery times from multiple carriers to ensure packages reach customers by a specified date.

Efficient order tracking: whether you use a single carrier or multiple carriers, you can easily monitor all orders to ensure customer satisfaction.

Easy software integration: Multi-carrier shipping systems integrate seamlessly with your existing supply chain and e-commerce software and other enterprise tools.

Simplify shipping processes with multiple carriers

While the ultimate goal of any shipper is to deliver products to customers undamaged at the lowest possible cost and in the most efficient manner, the recent surge in e-commerce business has also increased the ability of customers to customize their shipping options and businesses must be able to accommodate this personalization of delivery from the multi carrier shipping solution.


The eTower multi carrier shipping software application enables shippers to improve customer service and reduce transport costs. This is particularly beneficial for international shipping as it simplifies end-to-end logistics and reduces costs. The approach also provides greater flexibility, giving these carriers the best delivery network to serve their customers.

eTower helps you integrate multi-carrier cross-border parcel logistics situations through multi carrier shipping solution, reduce the impact of cross-border e-commerce logistics process efficiency issues on your business, and business processes for last-mile logistics, helping you streamline operational efficiency and minimize operational costs in your business.

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