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In the face of the digital transformation trend of the logistics industry and the gradual increase of order data volume, how to effectively monitor and track your logistics information data has become the core challenge for cross-border logistics providers and cross-border eCommerce enterprises. Developing individual EDI connections or development order data processing software development will cost a lot, eTower commits to providing one-stop cross-border logistics solutions, cross-border e-commerce logistics service and global parcel delivery software for cross-border third-party logistics (3pl) providers and cross-border eCommerce enterprises, opening up the whole chain of cross-border global parcel delivery logistics data, realizing the real global parcel delivery controllable data of all nodes and easy supervision, so that your global parcel delivery business is no longer limited by global parcel delivery technical problems. 

Our Service

1. Transportation management in logistics: More than 50 cooperative national last-mile carriers to get last-mile collaboration, and more than 10,000 eCommerce sellers have entered the eTower system. The system has reached 1,500,000 + daily order processing capacity, and the cumulative orders have exceeded 400 million.

2.Allows you to reach all the areas that Amazon services can reach.

3.Support quick API interface connection with sellers, overseas warehouses, logistics providers and last-mile carriers etc.


As one of the first SaaS products to enter Amazon's Marketplace, eTower's platform is rich in resources to meet your needs for resource in all aspects of your goods parcel delivery business to achieve rapid expansion, which is similar to FBA management system platform. eTower supports enterprises and SMEs across various sectors such as Retail & Distribution, E-Commerce,Logistics, Post & Courier.

Our Service-Functions
Our Service-Functions

1. Open up a complete logistics channel, provide digital logistics platform.

2. Connecting with the cross-border e-Commerce platform and ERP system, can directly obtain the platform orders for monitoring and management.

3. Help to open new logistics service lines.

4. Efficient cross-border order processing speed.

5. One-stop connection with all roles in the supply chain, real and controllable order information.

6. Better risk monitoring and independent financial systems.

Cross-border eCommerce Logistics Ecosystem

Relying on the concept of cloud logistics, eTower has achieved platform-level integration with hundreds of national postal, express, freight forwarders, local/Overseas warehouse transport, customs clearance integration, cross-border eCommerce ERP eCommerce platforms and other cloud logistics system to make digital logistics possible. The eTower ecosystem has perfectly realized the integration of logistics order management system, Parcel Fulfillment System, international parcel service tracking, logistics monitoring service, logistics support system, cross-docking management system, Overseas warehouse transport management, inventory distribution system etc. in one-stop system service to achieve ecological empowerment.

Cross-border Logistics Ecosystem
Shipment Creating Video Preview
eTower, as a 

ecommerce logistics software

, allows three order creation methods:
manual addition, template upload and API upload
Shippment Creating Guide Book
eTower can easily use the English operation manual to flexibly combine, explore the key behaviors in different businesses, and gain insight into the growth points behind the indicators.
More Features
Management Dashboard

Dashboard can give user an overall understanding of all services’ operation status based on the most timely data. It can be configured for different roles with corresponding data permission.

Sales and SLA Report

Sales Report can generate a flexible report by adding up the quantities and weights based on sales conditions with different grouping order.

SLA Report is free to setup number and length of legs to evaluate time performance based on the days cost of particular leg.

 Tracking parcel page
Tracking parcel page

eTower connects the whole logistics chain to meet the needs of more than 20 tracking nodes. Convenient for users to accurately monitor the abnormal status of parcel.

 Abnormal Processing
Abnormal Processing

eTower has a unique abnormal inspection and processing system to monitor the abnormal status of parcel and provide feedback with processing solution in time, so as to facilitate users to find and correct errors in time and help customer reduce losses and improve efficiency.

Operation-Hub report abnormal parcels													abnormal parcels
Operation-Hub report abnormal parcels abnormal parcels
Customer Service involved and return sloution
Customer Service involved and return sloution
Operator follows the solution and abnormal sataus removed
Operator follows the solution and abnormal sataus removed
Billing Module
Needs that can be met

1. Calculation of parcel freight includes various charges, such as:

Based on the freight Surcharge (Battery Surcharge, Fuel Surcharge, Remote area Surcharge, and other surcharge)Taxes(customs duties, value-added taxes)The insurance fee.

2. Fee plan configuration

configure rate card and surcharge for Shipper.

3. Billing region function

The charging regions can be flexibly configured to meet complex computing rules and service logic.

Support configuration of cost zones by country, city, and zip code

4. Exchange rate:

Exchange rate query (currency and conversion price date from Bank of China) and conversion.

5. Financial management function

1) Customer account management (currency addition, account opening and closing, credit setting, financial hold).

2)Accounting treatment: freight settlement, inquiry, cost adjustment.

3)Daily billing: Daily billing settlement and inquiry.

4) Shipper can recharge through eTower system, it will show the shipper amount on the financial page.

 Commercial Invoice
Commercial Invoice

When creating the order with URL, our system can get the description and the product picture through the provided URL and generate the commercial invoice which can be used for customs clearance.

 Service Routing
Service Routing

Service Routing can help integrator to manage all Last-Mile service providers and create the rules to make the right choice based on the parcel information. It also make it easier for shipper to create shipment.

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