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What is cross-border logistics?

Logistics is the whole process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination. Logistics management involves identifying potential distributors and suppliers and determining their effectiveness and accessibility.

Poor logistics in a business can affect its profitability. Logistics is now widely used in business, particularly by cross-border logistics companies in the manufacturing sector, and refers to how resources are handled and moved along the supply chain.

Cross-border logistics, on the other hand, refers to the planning, implementation, and control of the management process for the efficient flow and storage of physical objects and information on both sides of the customs border as the endpoint. 

Not even limited to cross-border between customs, the digitalization and visualization of the logistics process of parcels between consignors and sellers in different countries and regions, the collaboration and doing of all aspects of logistics, is also one of the biggest features of cross-border logistics. And logistics service providers are called logisticians. And convenient logistics software system solutions to help logistics service providers in cross-border logistics services more efficient and accurate completion of the cross-border logistics process of parcels, and thus achieve the supply of enterprises and logistics service providers

logistics software solutions

Cross-border logistics management software

In modern times, the cross-border logistics software solutions technology boom and the complexity of logistics processes have given rise to cross-border logistics management software and specialist cross border logistics companies focused on cross-border logistics that speed up the flow of resources in the supply chain. One reason for the dominance of large online retailers like Amazon in retail is the overall innovation and efficiency of their logistics at every point in the supply chain. 

For third-party cross-border express logistics companies, the intelligent management system developed to manage cross-border express logistics business management, to achieve full information management, support multiple logistics services, multiple order docking, support track tracking, and save many labor costs are all important

logistics software solutions

eTower cross-border logistics software solutions

If your business is desperately looking to supply cross-border logistics software solutions, the process can be very daunting. In today's market, there are a set of solutions to choose from. No one ever says that having options is a bad thing, but too many options can make finding the perfect solution more difficult than it needs to be. If you're looking to quickly gather information on some of the best-in-class cross-border logistics software solutions available, we can help you get started.

logistics software solutions

 How to choose cross-border logistics software solutions.

Support for data import from mainstream e-commerce platforms

A complete cross-border logistics solution is divided into two parts: an internal management system for international freight forwarding enterprises and an order management platform for e-commerce customers to place orders. Therefore, we require the entire system to support the order import function of mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms, so that the terminal can import order data from e-commerce platforms without having to fill in the data manually, and forecast it directly in the system. This ensures the accuracy of the order data and reduces manual operations.

Support for multiple logistics channels

Logistics channel docking is able to automatically capture logistics track information, in addition to the number of docked logistics channels, you can see the strength of the software vendor, the more the number of docked logistics channels, indicating that the software on the business volume is relatively large, industry experience, etc.

Openness and expandability of the system

This point is mainly for the current SaaS logistics software system , because SaaS such software, many functions are established, it is difficult to customize the development according to customer needs; and for the local deployment system, to provide personalized customization, that is, in the existing standard module application, according to the user's needs to do some local customization, such as configuration forms, etc. Or with other heterogeneous management systems ERP, OA, etc. can be docked, etc., to achieve system single sign-on, etc. Manage from inquiry to booking through intelligent business reports, thus controlling sales, finance, risk control, and credit control on a single user-friendly dashboard. The system operates efficiently and facilitates global freight forwarders, transporters, warehouses, and 3PL/4PL logistics providers.


Bringing visibility and transparency to logistics chain operations

Bring visibility and transparency to your entire logistics and supply chain operations with intelligent business information systems to improve productivity and profitability for each customer. Logistics software can optimize resource utilization and reduce operational costs through informed decision-making by providing real-time visibility of parcel shipping delays and shipments.

Continuous updates

As the needs of users change, logistics service providers can expect their products to be constantly updated and responsive to users' needs.


eTower is a well-established software development brand that has developed a cross-border e-commerce parcel logistics software system using new technologies such as cloud, logistics automation processes, and mobile solutions for applications. We provide sophisticated and simplified cross-border logistics planning logistics software system and applications by adapting to the complexities and business challenges faced during the technological development of the competitive cross-border logistics market.

Our team of experts are well versed in the logistics software system development process, from conception and implementation to final delivery in a competitive manner. We are working with some of the top brands and clients and for any type of cross-border logistics software system solutions application and development services, eTower is one of the best global providers of cross-border logistics software system solutions.

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