How to carry out cross-border parcel logistics


Now that there are more and more cross-border e-commerce export sellers and global parcel delivery business companies, the very important question is how to choose proper cross-border parcel logistics to send the goods abroad.

Cross-border e-commerce parcel logistics shipping: as small cross-border e-commerce sellers with the largest base in cross-border e-commerce, they can ship through the 3pl cross-border parcel system platform or choose Postal parcel logistics company such as international small packages. In order to optimize logistics costs while considering customer experience, it is particularly important to integrate logistics resources and explore new cross-border parcel system from a Cross-border Parcel Solution.

Cross-border e-commerce express delivery issued

Cross-border e-commerce express delivery, mainly issued by traditional courier, centralized delivery, international express, and overseas warehouse storage methods. 

Traditional Express, also known as postal parcels, postal parcels postal network basically covers the world, wider than any other logistics channels. According to incomplete statistics, in China's cross-border e-commerce export business 70% of parcels are delivered through the postal system with cross-border parcel system, of which China Post occupies about 50% of the share, Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, etc. are also commonly used by Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers logistics methods. 

Advantages: global reach, wide channels, cheap prices.

Disadvantages: As it generally leaves the country as a private parcel, it cannot enjoy normal export tax rebates. Slow speed and high rate of lost packages.

Centralized shipping means that the method of air transport is used to transport the goods of buyers in one place to that place centrally and then deliver them through a local company. This mode is much faster than the previous one, but the transportation costs are higher. 

A cross-border parcel system is usually used to improve international express parcel delivery efficiency.

International express, international express refers to the four commercial express giants: DHL, TNT, UPS and Federal. This mode type is the fastest logistics method; international express has high requirements for the provision, collection, and management of information, supported by a global self-built network as well as international information systems, so the cost is also the highest. However, this mode can bring customers a good user experience, because of its high transport costs, so generally, customers do not require it will not choose this way, although this way is very safe and fast.

DHLTNTUPS and Federal provide Packet International service, such as create a Shipment, parcel weight, calculate shipping cost,schedule a pickup, find a Location, view shipping history, batch file shipping, packaging and shipping supplies,manage customer orders. Logistics companies will have an international cross-border parcel system to easily manage and check their parcels

Advantages: fast, good service, low packet loss rate.

Disadvantages: expensive and highly variable freight costs.

Dedicated logistics is a kind of reliable delivery method for the other country on the market, which is characterized by a basic fixed delivery time for goods and cheaper transport costs than express logistics, while ensuring double clearance. Dedicated Logistics is a better logistics solution for cross-border e-commerce for a particular country or region. Take ems for example, as it relies on postal channels, EMS's international business is relatively mature and can directly reach more than 60 countries around the world. SF has also opened express services to the United States, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries, and has launched cross-border B2C services from mainland China to Russia.

They provide global parcel value-added services such as information inquiry, mail price guarantee, delay compensation and loss compensation can be provided to meet the different types of needs of users for sending items, documents and letters. Similarly, they integrate and operate in this area through the cross-border parcel system.

Advantages: low price, fast speed and low rate of lost packages.

Disadvantages: relatively limited scope of the collection in the country, lack of experience, lack of control of the market, covering the overseas market is also relatively limited.

Overseas warehouse storage, overseas warehouse storage refers to the merchant preparing the goods in advance, and then putting the goods in overseas warehouse storage, by the network foreign trade trading platform, logistics service providers independently or jointly for the seller in the sales target to provide one-stop control and management services of goods storage, sorting, packaging, delivery, which means that the seller will store the goods to the local warehouse when the buyer has demand, timely sorting of goods This means that the seller will store the goods in the local warehouse. When the buyer has a demand, the goods will be picked, packed, and delivered in time, and then the customer will place an order through the platform and the overseas warehouse will send the goods on their behalf. This model can also bring a good experience to the user, but this model also has disadvantages, that is, the seller's product storage requirements are relatively high, to replenish the goods in a timely manner. You also need to be able to select products, otherwise, you may face a crisis of stockpiling.

Advantages: reduced logistics costs, flexible and reliable return and exchange options, improved buying confidence of overseas customers, faster delivery.

Disadvantages: easy to press goods, difficult for sellers to manage.

carry out cross-border parcel logistics

The principle of choosing which logistics or a combination of logistics methods is to be cost-effective.

1. Destination countries

When choosing a logistics provider it is important to pay attention to the countries they can reach and whether the main countries they transport to match your business scope.

2. Shipping timescales

If you go by a mode or your customers do not require high carrier times, then you should focus on rates and security when choosing a logistics provider. Conversely, you must have a partner dedicated line or express logistics provider.

3. Products

Special products have higher restrictions when choosing a logistics provider.

4. whether to collect at home

General logistics providers to provide door-to-door collection will require a certain number of parcels, the specific number or restrictions to contact the specific logistics provider.

Cross-border Parcel Solution

With the development of global e-commerce, more and more traditional export enterprises, and emerging e-commerce enterprises join the cross-border e-commerce industry, through Cross-border Parcel system solutions or overseas e-commerce Cross-border parcel software system to sell products to overseas consumers. 2C cross-border transactions bring a high frequency, small batch of parcels of cross-border logistics distribution needs, requiring cross-border logistics, and fast and efficient delivery of parcels to overseas consumers. At present,  Cross-border Parcele-commerce logistics  Solution methods are the above four - cross-border postal parcels, cross-border commercial express, overseas warehousing, and special line logistics mode. Except for overseas warehousing, the other three are sent directly from the territory to overseas consumers. Usually operating cross-border postal parcels and commercial express businesses are cross-border freight forwarding companies, cross-border logistics companies, cross-border courier companies, etc.

So how can 3pl better cross-border parcel transport services through Cross-border Parcel System Solution

In the process of realizing the development of linkage with the manufacturing industry, the third-party logistics(3pl) service providers have assumed an important mission. On the one hand, while ensuring professional logistics services, they provide potential value-added for enterprises through their services; on the other hand, they conduct profound and comprehensive research on industry customers and provide "tailor-made" services. In addition, after outsourcing the cross-border parcel logistics business, although companies no longer need to perform logistics functions, they still need to effectively manage cross-border parcel logistics processes and relationships with third-party(3pl) logistics providers in order to achieve continuous improvement in cross-border parcel logistics management and operations.

Cross-border parcel system solutions as an important part of the production and operation activities of enterprises, and logistics intelligent operation is gradually becoming a trend. 3pl that is, cross-border logistics enterprises, international special line logistics, international small package express enterprises, etc. are currently worried about centralizing resources, saving management costs, and enhancing core competitiveness. At present, the eTower cross-border parcel solution is able to intelligence the various operations in the logistics industry, relieving the worries of these cross-border logistics enterprises!

eTower provides cross-border parcel software system solutions to achieve efficient and refined logistics operations management, improve operational efficiency, reduce error rates and achieve interoperability with information between e-commerce software platforms and cross-border commercial express and postal channels.

Cross-border Parcel Solution


Are you nervous because of the high number of small parcel orders, unmanageable and high labor costs?

Do e-commerce logistics, parcel orders are troublesome to operate Market competition is getting bigger and bigger, price is no longer the only key factor Customer requirements are getting higher and higher, the service experience is more and more important Existing customers are not very sticky and can be lost at any time Do it yourself Waybill data is prone to errors, but also a waste of labor......

Postal parcel logistics software function

Postal Parcels :The First Choice for B2C Export Direct Mail For Cross-Border E-Commerce

Postal parcel shipping process

The things you should know about China postal parcel

What is the Difference Between a Postal and Courier Service?


What's in a cross-border parcel solution?

A variety of customer order formats to fully meet the needs of small package express orders Comprehensive support for a variety of batch import orders Management of individual state orders Order individual, batch modification Print label customs declaration, face sheet invoice Internal order management ......


Some aspects are of great concern to our customers

Simple and convenient for customers Express orders can also be placed, and the process can also be preferred channels Upload information can be modified in bulk, or directly forecast submitted Print formats are diverse, convenient for customers to allocate Order templates can be customized by both the company and the customer, personalized, unlimited Orders with the same account and recipient information can be combined, saving costs Support for different label face sheet rules for each channel one-time print... ...


All these problems can be solved by eTower cross-border parcel solution.

Cross-border parcel software advantages

Intelligence when you need it. Without access to real-time data, companies often not only don't know where their shipments are, but they also find it difficult to determine when they will be delivered, especially when international borders are involved. With real-time intelligence, you can get all the location data you need for your shipments to make important decisions in the moment.

Integrated data and systems. Companies often invest heavily in transport management, enterprise resource planning, warehouse management and other supply chain management systems. But when you're moving goods around the globe, it can be difficult to properly update these systems with timely information. By integrating real-time IoT sensor data with your existing systems, you can leverage their capabilities to optimize and automate your supply chain.

End-to-end control. Having all this in-transit information at your fingertips helps manage delays and schedule changes to optimize manufacturing operations. This is important for order management and logistics teams who need immediate updates on the status of goods. With IoT-based sensors, you get automated alerts for fast, cost-effective and intelligent decision-making.

Global support. If you are a global company, you need global support for your supply chain partners, no matter where your products are shipped and delivered. This is key, as goods cross borders and involve multiple logistics partners and carriers. With the right data, technology and local support, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your global supply chain and ensure the smooth flow of goods between multiple partners and regions.

Cross-border parcel software

Find a parcel logistics software company to develop software, solution, or cross-border parcel fulfillment system or logistics system solution to overcome your fear of legalities and logistics. It can help you deliver your parcels at a global level without an out-of-this-world increase in your workload. 

Is your parcel delivery business ready to go global? Learn more about why eTower is the best international cross-border parcel system for your company and your customers.

Do you have a plan to look for  Cross-border Parcel Solution or Cross-border parcel software?

eTower is a cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration software that opens up the whole chain of the cross-border logistics business, such as postal, 3pl, 4pl ect.

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