Global Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in e-Commerce Logistics


Global Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in e-Commerce Logistics

Global Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in e-Commerce Logistics

The global e-commerce logistics market has undergone a significant transformation due to the proliferation of e-commerce websites and the availability of affordable shipping options. The increasing prevalence of consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce platforms has further fueled the demand for both international and domestic e-commerce logistics services.

Nevertheless, the tremendous volume of goods managed by these platforms presents significant challenges in terms of ensuring punctuality and precision for logistics service providers. This raises important questions: How can the punctuality of each logistics node be effectively monitored? How can information be tracked and promptly reported to the platform? Many logistics service providers find their current consolidation systems inadequate to meet these demands. In order to assist logistics service providers in addressing these challenges, eTower has integrated several essential functions, including real-time tracking, report generation, SLA reports, and third-party notifications.

SLA Report

Automatically pushes updates generated within a six-hour timeframe or according to preset rules, aiding logistics service providers in meeting different time constraints set by their suppliers.

Global Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in e-Commerce Logistics

Third-Party Platform Notification

Global Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in e-Commerce Logistics

Previously, third-party logistics package tracking relied on coding to maintain mapping rules in the backend, resulting in limited flexibility and a lack of real-time monitoring. However, eTower has introduced a new feature, the third-party notification function, which simplifies the configuration and monitoring of these rules. This feature enables custom push logic, intuitive interface mapping rules, and real-time tracking of node statuses. Additionally, it combines order push status monitoring, regular reports, and push tools into a unified interface, providing a more streamlined logistics management experience.


Moreover, the interface is compatible with various third-party platform mapping rules and interfaces, allowing for custom push logic such as one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many. This enhances the intuitiveness and adaptability of the interface mapping rules. Furthermore, nodes can be monitored and logged to track node returns accurately and prevent any issues with node push.

Other eTower's featured functions:

Parcel Tracking & Monitoring

Global Trends, Challenges, and Solutions in e-Commerce Logistics

Through years of partnership with clients like APG (Australia Post), UBI, Purolator, Crane Worldwide Logistics, CITI Logistics, and Direct Link, eTower has verified its real-time tracking capabilities through over 50 million per year parcel handling volume.

Flexible Order Creation Methods

eTower's parcel delivery system provides a variety of order creation methods to suit your needs. Options include manual entry, template-based batch addition, and API integration for seamless order acquisition from various platforms.

Diverse Label Printing Options

eTower offers a variety of parcel delivery label printing solutions, accommodating unique custom label templates for different channels. Our platform seamlessly integrates with external files to generate commercial invoices and bills, streamlining your label production process.

Seamless Operation Station Integration

eTower connects with parcel operation stations and hardware, enabling real-time monitoring of parcel scanning, weighing, sorting, packaging, and more. Our platform supports complex sorting logic and mobile operations.

Advanced Finance Management

Provide comprehensive finance management, including rate card, surcharge, tax, insurance, charge zones, etc.

Freight Management

Efficiently manage parcel freight budgets, surcharges, VAT, multi-step fees, and multiple shipments with eTower's advanced features.

Abnormal Parcel Monitoring

Abnormal parcels will also be automatically assigned according to preset rules.

Optimized Channel Routing

Select from multiple channel suppliers for transparent pricing and optimal parcel delivery rates.

Warehouse Solutions

eTower offers a multi-warehouse management system (WMS) integration, overseas warehouse transport, and FBA replenishment management to optimize business timeliness.

API Connectivity

Our parcel shipping software features API connections with ERP, platforms, warehouses, and last-mile-carriers, for seamless data sharing with various ERP trading assistants.

Reports Export

Additionally, the Export function of the monitoring report facilitates logistics service providers' management and monitoring, ensuring accuracy and timeliness when handling a large number of packages for the platform.

Flexible Business Models

eTower supports international express integration, cross-border small parcel integration, domestic fulfillment order management, cross-border e-commerce service integration, and custom development services.

Comprehensive Integration

Our parcel delivery system unifies all cross-border collaboration partners in the supply chain for seamless data integration and real-time order monitoring.

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