Why Outsourcing Software is Better than Developing Your Own : A Focus on Core Competencies for Logistics Service Providers


In a recent announcement, e-commerce SaaS leader Shopify declared a 20% workforce reduction and the sale of its recently acquired logistics business, Deliverr, to freight service provider Flexport in exchange for a 13% stake in the company. Shopify's Founder and CEO, Tobias Lütke, explained in an open letter that businesses should concentrate on their core mission, as secondary tasks can lead to distractions and inefficiencies.

Lütke's statement highlights a crucial lesson for businesses: the importance of focusing on their primary expertise and letting specialized companies handle other aspects of the operation. This principle is particularly relevant when considering the development of logistics data integration software.



Here are several reasons why specialized software companies should be entrusted with this task and how eTower has accomplished them:

In-depth industry knowledge: Thanks to their rich experience, specialized logistics software companies possess a deep understanding of the complexity of the logistics industry and its unique challenges. This expertise enables them to develop tailored software solutions that address the specific needs of logistics businesses.

First launched in 2014, eTower has been providing trustworthy software solutions for industry-leading logistics service providers worldwide. By effectively addressing each client's requirements over the years, our team has gained extensive experience with various technical issues within the logistics procedure. Meanwhile, we have built strong and trusting relationships with our customers, including UBI, APG (Australia Post), CITI Logistics, Purolator, Crane Worldwide Logistics, and Direct Link. eTower also boasts an abundance of integration resources. Through API connections, eTower has established links with all mainstream e-Commerce platforms, most ERP systems and WMS systems, and over 50 national-level or multinational last-mile carriers.

 Why Outsourcing Software is Better than Developing Your Own : A Focus on Core Competencies for Logistics Service Providers


Why Outsourcing Software is Better than Developing Your Own : A Focus on Core Competencies for Logistics Service Providers

Continuous innovation: As technology evolves, specialized software companies are well-equipped to adapt and innovate. By focusing solely on logistics software, they can stay at the forefront of the industry and ensure their solutions remain competitive and cutting-edge.


The world is changing rapidly, so is the logistics industry. More and more sellers are shifting from parcel to container shipping as volumes grow. eTower has recognized and is well-prepared for this challenge. That's why we developed eTowerOne - your one-stop multi-solution logistics software. Built on the foundation of eTower - a smart and fully-competent cross-border parcel delivery software that has undergone years of development and testing - eTowerOne focuses on container-wise transportation, multi-warehouse management, strong business and financial integration, etc.

 Why Outsourcing Software is Better than Developing Your Own : A Focus on Core Competencies for Logistics Service Providers

Additionally, as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and holder of the ISO27001 certificate, eTower securely stores all of our clients' data in the cloud through its SaaS model. To ensure top-level data security, eTower deploys a unique database on dedicated servers.

Other benefits of outsourcing your software development includes:

Enhanced efficiency: When logistics service providers concentrate on their core competencies, they can optimize their resources and maximize efficiency. By outsourcing software development to specialized companies, logistics service providers can ensure that their software is of the highest quality while focusing on their primary operations

Streamlined collaboration: Collaborating with a specialized software company enables logistics businesses to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience. This partnership can lead to a more streamlined development process, reduced implementation time, and ultimately, a more effective logistics software solution.

Scalability and adaptability: As logistics companies grow and evolve, their software needs may change. Specialized software companies are better equipped to adapt to these changes and provide scalable solutions that can accommodate the shifting demands of the logistics sector.


In conclusion, Shopify has emphasize for us all the importance of focusing on core competencies and allowing specialized companies to handle secondary but also crucial tasks. In the case of logistics data integration software, entrusting development to specialized software companies like eTower can lead to more effective solutions, increased efficiency, and ultimately, a more successful business.

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