Application of Logistic Data in Shipping


Application of Logistic Data in Shipping

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Every year, customers worldwide receive billions of packages that pass through various stages of the supply chain. At every supply chain touch point, from a customer initiating an order to the final delivery of that order, large quantities of data are collected: customer information, GPS data, the number and types of items, carrier data, delivery information, etc. Although logistic data not the most famous part in the industry, but actually, logistics data can be fed back up the supply chain to help inform decisions at the top of the supply chain and make the maximize interests available to merchants.

Sources for Data

l Generally, sources for logistic data are:

l ERP systems

l Order management systems

l Material management systems

l Route optimization systems

Due to the fact that such systems grow quickly in terms of data volume, it is important to build a platform to analysis them during the shipping.

Analysis of Logistic Data

Access to vast amounts of information in logistics comes with both advantages and disadvantages. While it provides valuable insights, it can also pose challenges for organizations to sift through and identify relevant data. However, the advent of comprehensive logistics data management platforms has effectively addressed this issue.

Advantages of Logistic Data Platform

By leveraging logistics data management platforms, merchants can achieve the best of both worlds. They can meet their customers' demands for fast and cost-effective shipping, while also reducing their time in transit and managing final mile delivery expenses. Furthermore, these platforms can assist merchants in selecting the most efficient third-party logistics provider (3PL) for their specific product range and customer demographic.

Increase Speed

Advanced data analysis for logistics will help you analyze, predict, and improve metrics such as least-to-book time, inbound receiving time, and on-time performance.


Improve Service

A modern data analytics and supply chain data management solution can help you increase speed, accuracy, quality, and service.

Reduce Costs

Uncover cost-saving opportunities in your supply chain, operations, or transportation with real-time transportation and logistics data analytics, including improved dashboards and reports.

Manage Inventory

If you're wondering about your inventory capacity and stock levels, a modern logistics data platform can provide you with the necessary information in real-time. With such insights readily available, you can make informed decisions about inventory management and optimize your operations accordingly.


Improve Performance

Monitor warehouse and fleet assets to stop issues before they happen with real-time transportation and logistics dashboards.


Forecast and Budget

Using data science in logistics, forecast to improve quotes, anticipate future needs, optimally allocate resources, and more.


Increase Efficiency

Reduce overhead and increase revenue with modern data-driven logistics efficiency dashboards. Measure and optimize carrier matching, out-of-network shipping, routes, trailer utilization, and more with data science in transportation.


Improve Reports

Help your customers help themselves by providing high-quality customer dashboards and reports. Embedded logistics reporting solutions take the burden off your team and give the customers the data they need.

Logistic Data Management Platform

eTower is a cross-border e-commerce collaborative logistics parcel delivery software platform. eTower parcel delivery software enables all parties in the cross-border logistics chain to easily monitor data and work together efficiently and conveniently in an integrative way. eTower mainly serves 3PL/4PL and the cross-border e-commerce enterprises who has supply chain management needs.

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