Parcel Logistics System To Help Parcel Logistics Company Deliver Your Packages Delivered Faster


Ecommerce global parcel delivery software system overview

Modern ecommerce logistics service providers and e-commerce parcel logistics company face many challenges, including a rapidly changing distribution landscape. While the traditional supply chain included major distributors, retailers, and consumers, the modern supply chain has evolved to include all parties: consumers, distributors, liquidators, third-party dealers (3pl), and so on - on a global scale. Unfortunately, in many 

organizations, global parcel delivery software systems are not designed to handle such a complex network - not to mention the proliferation of e-commerce, the growth of globalization, or the increasing demand for omnichannel distribution. 

Global parcel delivery software system is therefore essential to integrate the various logistics players for parcel transport and to increase the efficiency of parcel transport. 

Get a Global parcel logistics system from eTower

Provides a global parcel delivery software system for all business types in your network, regardless of type - parcels, postal, courier, etc.

The ecommerce global parcel delivery software system also handles a wide range of fulfillment scenarios - from manufacturing plants to distribution centers, distributors to shops, B2c, 3PL, and direct shipping.

Parcel shipment processing is automated to streamline shipment handling, provide real-time order tracking and visibility, and monitor parcel shipments

Ecommerce global parcel delivery software system designed for parcel logistics company postal, small parcels, multi-location shipping, and cross-border dedicated lines.

Parcel Logistics System To Help Deliver Your Packages Delivered Faster

eCommerce global parcel delivery software system

Cross-border parcel logistics Main modes

1、International parcels (postal parcels)

(1) Overview: According to incomplete statistics, 70% of parcels in China's cross-border e-commerce export business are delivered through the postal global parcel delivery software system, of which China Post occupies about 50% of the share, and Hong Kong Post and Singapore Post are also commonly used by Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers as logistics methods. eTower has cooperated with Australia Post,  PostNordJapan Post, etc. 

(2) Advantages: The postal network basically covers the whole world, which is more extensive than any other logistics channel. Moreover, as the postal service is generally state-run and subsidized by state taxes, it is very cheap.

(3) Disadvantages: generally in the form of private parcels out of the country, not convenient for customs statistics, but also can not enjoy the normal export tax rebates; at the same time, the speed is slower and the rate of lost packages is high.

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2、International Express

(1) Overview: International express mainly refers to UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT, the four giants. International Express has high requirements for the provision, collection, and management of information, supported by a global self-built network and international information systems through a global parcel delivery software system.

(2) Advantages: fast, good service, low rate of lost packages, especially to Europe and the United States developed countries is very convenient.

(3) Disadvantages: expensive, and the price tariff is highly variable. Generally, cross-border e-commerce sellers will only use it if the customer strongly demands timeliness and will charge the customer for shipping.

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Parcel Logistics System To Help Deliver Your Packages Delivered Faster

Global Parcel Delivery Software System Function

Do you rely on employees to manually enter parcel information? Are you stuck with cumbersome system interfacing? Are you troubled by multiple parcel business scenarios without an integrated system to handle everything? 

All these problems of parcel logistics company can be solved with the eTower ecommerce global parcel delivery software system. 

Free your staff from manual, time-consuming, and tedious tasks, help you reduce costs and increase efficiency and ensure that shipping rules are applied automatically for millisecond fast shipping processes without intervention.

Parcel Logistics System To Help Deliver Your Packages Delivered Faster

eTower global parcel delivery software systems are designed to handle large volumes of orders and whether or not your parcel logistics company has one or more distribution centers, we do not charge for the additional workstations required to handle seasonal increases in business volume. With decades of experience integrating our parcel logistics system into many different parcel order management systems, we can ensure that your solution is optimized for speed.

If you're shipping thousands of parcels a day, you need to know that your systems won't be down. Our uptime is over 99.9% and our servers are deployed globally to ensure your business is not affected by internet delays through global parcel delivery software system.

Parcel Logistics System To Help Deliver Your Packages Delivered Faster

eTower professional team - who will also develop your global parcel delivery software system - are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With a parcel logistics system, you can benefit from enhanced visibility, control and security over your parcel shipments. The solution provides both greater efficiency and cost savings throughout the entire supply chain no matter how large or small your business iseTower - the ecommerce parcel logistics system for a global enterprise-wide parcel logistics system to parcel logistics company. Contact us today to arrange a free global parcel delivery software system consultation. Our logistics experts are available to answer your questions.

Parcel Logistics System To Help Deliver Your Packages Delivered Faster

Want to parcel logistics system packages delivered faster? Do you have a plan to look for a global parcel delivery software system?

eTower is a cross-border e-commerce global parcel delivery software system that opens up the whole chain of the global cross-border logistics business.

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