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Today's savvy businesses use a variety of software to make operations run seamlessly and efficiently.  FedEx Compatible software solutions have FedEx integrated in to provide access to shipping and other services you want, directly from the software you need.


Now e-merchants could access to FedEx services through eTower, which is a one-stop ecommerce collaborative SaaS platform provided by Walltech.  The integration between WallTech and FedEx will enable customer to access FedEx shipping functionalities through eTower using their 9-digit FedEx account number to manage shipment to worldwide.

Benefits of the integration between FedEx and WallTech / eTower

This program facilitates best-in-class technology for FedEx customers and enables merchants, instant access to enhanced, affordable shipping solutions through WallTech /eTower platforms by using merchants' FedEx 9-digit account number.


● Quote, generate and print FedEx labels instantly by adding FedEx account number on platform.


● Access shipping options and rates for FedEx without having to switch programs or re-enter information.


● One-click integration. Merchants can link their Shopify, Bigcommerce, eBay, Amazon etc. accounts, import and fulfil orders using FedEx.


● Convenient account opening. E-Merchants of WallTech / eTower will be offered exclusive discounts to FedEx. 

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to save big with FedEx and eTower!

About FedEx Express


About FedEx Express

FedEx Express is one of the world's largest express transportation companies, providing fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories. FedEx Express uses a global air-and-ground network to speed delivery of time-sensitive shipments.


Whether you’re sending critical documents, packages or freights internationally, FedEx is here to serve your shipping needs. Choose from a variety of shipping services and find the best option for your international shipments.


At FedEx, we’re as diverse as the world we serve. From Harlem to Hong Kong, from Sao Paulo to Sydney, the world of FedEx is all about connecting people, places and cultural diversity. To meet the needs of a diverse customer base, we reflect that diversity within our organization and celebrate it in communities around the world.


Our company was founded on a people-first philosophy, and respect for everyone has always been an everyday business practice. Our diverse workforce, supplier base and supporting culture all enable FedEx to better serve customers and compete in the global marketplace.

About FedEx Express

About eTower


As an International logistics cloud service product, eTower is a one-stop cross-border eCommerce logistics collaborative SaaS platform, providing timely, controllable and factual visual information for all parties involved in the cross-border logistics service. At present, eTower has 50+ Postal/Express integration; over 10,000+ eCommerce sellers choose eTower’s service, with a daily processing capacity of more than 1,500,000, and cumulative order processing capacity exceeds 400 million. Realizing order supervision, business expansion, cost reduction and efficiency improvement, resource integration and sharing, risk control through the eTower cross-border logistics collaboration solutions.


eTower can offer you:

● Various order creation methods, including manual addition, template batch addition and API docking addition. Automatically obtaining platform delivery orders. 

● Diversified label printing. Allowing different custom label templates of the channel side to export templates, docking files, produce commercial invoices and bills.  

● Docking with operation station, monitoring a-scan, scan, weigh, sorting, package and other data in real-time. Implement complex sorting logic and mobile operations. 

● Integrating all cross-border collaboration partners in the supply chain to achieve data docking. Real-time order data monitoring return. 

● The freight budget, surcharges, VAT, multi-step freight fees calculation and multiple parcel shipment. 

● Tracking and monitoring the parcel path, and updating the parcel information in real time. 

● Channel routing, multi-channel supplier selections, transparent price, achieving the optimal pricing standard. 

● Bonded warehouse, Overseas warehouse transport and FBA replenishment management etc. business requirements, optimize business timeliness. 

● API connection, data connection and information chain sharing with various ERP trading assistants. 

● Business models such as International express integration, cross- border small parcel integration, Domestic fulfillment order management and cross-border e-commerce service integration etc., And also provide custom development service. 

● Monitor abnormal parcel in real time and provide corresponding solutions in time.


eTower helps aspiring and influential logistics providers to quickly enter the field of cross-border eCommerce. By implementing pay-as-you-rent, on-demand billing, logistics providers and cross-border eCommerce enterprises can focus on their own areas of expertise without information constraints. Realizing the brand vision of "Simplify Global Logistics".


For more details, please reach out to your WallTech / eTower or FedEx Sales contact.



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