What is DTC parcel logistics system


With the boom in e-commerce, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are poised for success.

D2C brands are growing so fast that they realize that managing their own warehouses and self-fulfilling orders will eventually slow their growth. That's why many of them have partnered with 3PLs to help them grow faster by moving away from retail fulfillment.

DTC logistics is the outsourcing of the e-commerce supply chain to a third party. This includes warehousing, inventory management, pick and pack, and automated shipping.

To be a quality DTC logistics, it is important to provide fulfillment infrastructure, best-in-class technology, data, and analytics as well as expertise and support to enable growth. Services and capabilities including faster shipping and delivery and fulfillment automation to scale quickly to meet customer expectations while keeping costs low.

With a global fulfillment network and best-in-class technology, eTower enhances your extensive e-commerce fulfillment capabilities with digital logistics software services to help you develop your DTC logistics strategy, including flexible fulfillment, advanced data and analytics, and other world-class logistics solutions. Helping you grow your business faster and still deliver an outstanding customer experience as you expand.


eTower helps you solve

The difficulty of choosing between multiple distribution centers

Helps you intelligently select the optimal delivery location based on your customers' location. This helps to speed up order delivery and reduce shipping costs

difficult to navigate the international landscape

Different countries have different regulations, duties, taxes and requirements for incoming shipments, making it difficult to navigate the international landscape. Supported by eTower software, consistency is achieved throughout the supply chain.

Interface and integration with multiple application shops

As your logistics business continues to expand, the number of customer ERP, and 4PL systems that need to be interfaced increases. eTower can help you easily integrate with all your sales channels and application shops across other tools to create an eCommerce technology stack

Complex data and analytic

As you expand into new channels, you will need to aggregate logistics data, the variety, and complexity of which can be mind-boggling.

eTower's comprehensive view of your supply chain helps to reduce fulfillment logistics costs, increase the speed of delivery and consistently meet demand in the face of fluctuating sales. With our free analysis and data reporting tools, you no longer need to deal with multiple spreadsheets and provide insight into fulfillment performance, transportation, future demand, logistics costs and more.

Localization in China

If you are an international logistics operator looking to do business in China and have no idea where to start, eTower is your go-to solution for expanding your China parcel business. As the leading logistics parcel logistics software development company in China, we can help you better understand Chinese logistics habits and procedures for better, faster logistics operations

Have special customization needs

If you have special needs, such as parcels that require unique configurations for individual products, and therefore cannot rely on out-of-the-box solutions, eTower allows you to build a logistics management software that works exactly the way you want it to.


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