CargoWare provides rich and diversified functions to help users and their partners collaborate efficiently to achieve business success

CargoWare’s SaaS solutions cover the full freight forwarding lifecycle, including booking & quotation, orders creation, operation document generation, billing, verification, invoicing. Freight forwarding and NVOOC enterprises can freely choose the required functions to meet the needs of different business scenarios and business processes.

Freight forwarding

CargoWareB2B:Customer Portal

To provide customers with the whole process, digital intimate service, to significantly enhance customer stickiness, and to seize business opportunities.
CargoWareB2B:Customer Portal

Tight Integration with CargoWare.

Extend Service to the customers of freight forwarders.

Instant Messaging Integration.

Online Ordering / Tracking /Freight Rate Search /Quote Bargain etc.

CargoWare IM.

CargoWare IM: One-stop marketing, customer service and order management

CargoWare IM and CargoWare operating software data interconnection, so that freight forwarding companies customer service, sales, operators and other all positions between real-time online communication. The full life cycle communication content of each business, including text, data, and documentation, is retained in IM. Customers and freight forwarders can check all orders and freight transportation progress in IM, and complete a series of business operations.
CargoWare IM: One-stop marketing, customer service and order management

Internal communication within the company

Digital services for customers

Cloud storage and archiving of documents

All information in the dimension of service order number is centrally managed

Faster and more efficient multi-position collaboration

Better customer service to enhance customer stickiness

BI data analysis

Business intelligence (BI) ingests Real-time business data and presents it in user-friendly views such as reports, dashboards, charts and graphs. In this way, the management can clearly understand the business and financial situation of the whole company and even the group, so as to grasp the business opportunities and make informed decisions.
BI data analysis

Report is fully customizable

Real-time data synchronization

Big data ready (ETL)

No interference with operation

Container tracking and early warning

Through data docking with the trailer, customs and shipping company, users can know the cargo progress in real time, and trigger automatic reminder emails/messages to colleagues, realizing intelligent work handover. It can also automatically notify customers, providing customers with better supply chain transparency services. The system will also automatically alert the user in case the user does not notice the time cut off and forgets to do something.

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