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In February 2017, Shanghai WallTech Information Technology Co., Ltd. (WallTech) officially reached a cooperation with Japan Post, and in July, the cross-border direct mail business with TOLL as the core was fully launched. Became another important national postal customer after Australia Post in the eTower milestone.

Strong Alliance! eTower Officially Signed a Contract with Japan Post

TOLL Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TOLL) has a history of 125 years. With Australia as the center, it operates a large-scale global logistics network connecting more than 50 countries and 1,200 bases in the world. In 2015, it became a member of Japan Post Group. It is positioned as a platform enterprise to carry out international integrated logistics business. TOLL is composed of three departments: express business, freight business and logistics business, and has a variety of transportation and logistics solutions by land, sea and air to meet customers' needs for global supply chains. 

Carry out international logistics business with TOLL as the core. In 2017, "Toll Global Freight (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.", a subsidiary of TOLL, replaced Japan Post as the investor of Postal (China) International Logistics Co., Ltd., and changed its name to Toll International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. As the largest imported parcel logistics service provider in Japan, Toll International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has joined hands with Japan Post to provide first-class services to meet the multi-level needs of the market. Within four years, it has created three unique and advantageous services: Cross-border parcels, cross-border small packages, international general air cargo. In July 2017, it officially joined hands with Wohang and launched eTower, a cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration platform under Shanghai Wohang Information Technology Co., Ltd.

eTower empowers TOLL with digital intelligence, provides a customized system according to customer business conditions and business scale, and is equipped with flexible and comprehensive diversified system modules to help TOLL complete the digitalization of the whole link of cross-border e-commerce parcel services integration.

Close with eTower

As one of WallTech's flagship products, eTower focuses on providing cross-border e-commerce logistics collaborative cloud services. By connecting to eTower, all divisions of labor in the cross-border e-commerce logistics chain can easily share data and work together more efficiently. Since its launch in 2014, eTower has now achieved various logistics relationships with hundreds of shipping companies, airlines, national postal companies, express delivery companies, freight forwarding logistics companies, overseas warehouse companies, customs clearance companies, and cross-border e-commerce ERP. The platform-level docking of the system also connects thousands of cross-border e-commerce sellers and e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Wish, AliExpress, and Amazon, forming a million-day order processing capability.

Strong Alliance! eTower Officially Signed a Contract with Japan Post

eTower fully integrates and connects various service providers in the cross-border logistics chain, sharing various data easily and controllable, and working together efficiently and conveniently. When you access eTower, you will be quickly connected to the world of cross-border e-commerce.

About TOLL

Strong Alliance! eTower Officially Signed a Contract with Japan Post

TOLL Toll Group is a leading global integrated logistics provider in Asia and operates an extensive network in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, providing seamless, end-to-end, local, regional and global supply chain solutions.

The TOLL Group in Australia and New Zealand operates a full range of supply chain solutions for all types of world-class brands. TOLL's range of operations supports leading technology advantages including road, rail, sea, air, temperature controlled transportation and warehousing, supply chain and energy development. These services are delivered through an extensive metro and regional distribution network.

In Asia, TOLL Toll Group has an exceptional presence and scale in some of the world's fastest growing countries including China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and India, a quality customer base, an asset-light structure and a good platform for economic growth.

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