Digital Logistics Development, eTower Signed with Australia Post


In November 2015, Startrack, a joint venture company of Australia Post, officially entered into cooperation with Shanghai WallTech Information Technology Co., Ltd. (WallTech). It is an epoch-making milestone for eTower. Through the eTower cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration solution, Startrack solves the collaborative integration of digital logistics information and achieves full-link coverage of logistics and customer management.

In 2019, Australia Post's e-commerce solutions project was officially renamed APG. As part of Australia Post, APG currently has 15 ports of operation and four major shipping locations around the world. China is one of the main shipping places for AGP. As far as the current situation of the logistics industry is concerned, the business volume of APG is increasing rapidly. APG's tail-end advantages and global reach in Australia require a flexible, stable and professional platform to support customer service, which is what eTower helps empower.

Powered by digital intelligence, eTower joins hands with Australia Post

About eTower

As an international logistics cloud service product, eTower is a one-stop cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration SaaS platform, providing timely, controllable and real visual information for all parties involved in cross-border logistics services. At present, eTower has more than 50 logistics service providers; more than 10,000 active shippers; the system's daily processing capacity exceeds 1.5 million, and the cumulative order processing capacity exceeds 400 million. Through cross-border logistics collaboration solutions, order supervision, business expansion, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, resource collaboration and sharing, risk control, etc.

We Support:

Multiple order creation methods, including manual addition, template batch addition, and API docking addition. Automatically obtain platform shipping orders.

Diversified face sheet printing, the face sheet template can be customized according to the different channels. Export templates, handover documents, commercial invoices, bills.

Operation station docking, including real-time sharing of business data such as pre-scanning, scanning, weighing, sorting, and packaging. Realize complex sorting logic, mobile terminal operation.

On the cross-border cooperation link, the information of each partner is connected and the data is exchanged. Real-time order data monitoring return.

Freight budget, surcharge, VAT, multi-stage accounting and one-vote multi-piece function.

Track and monitor the entire package path, and update the package information in real time.

Channel routing function, multi-channel and multi-supplier matching, price transparency, and optimal billing standards.

Business scenarios such as bonded warehouse stocking, overseas warehouse transshipment, and FBA replenishment can optimize business timeliness.

API docking, data connection and information chain sharing of various ERP transaction assistants.

International express, postal parcel, drop shipping, cross-border special line and other business models and have customized development services.

The abnormal package is monitored in real time, and the corresponding solution is given in time.

Let logistics providers and cross-border e-commerce companies focus on their professional fields without being restricted by software. Realize the brand vision of "reconstructing international logistics software cloud services".

About APG

Australia Post is a state-owned company headquartered in the city of Melbourne. It has 35,400 employees, 9.7 million delivery points and 4,477 retail outlets nationwide, with an annual mail delivery volume of about 5.3 billion pieces and a daily reception of about 1.1 million users. In the past three years, Australia Post has always been ranked first in the ranking of the national corporate credit index in Australia. The Postal Service has an AAA credit rating and is described by customers as the most trusted business in Australia.

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