Parcel+Post Expo:2023 Walltech Make Logistics Sailing Easy and Worry-Free



Parcel+Post Expo 2023

 Parcel Post Expo:2023 Walltech Make Logistics Sailing Easy and Worry-Free 

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The Parcel+Post Expo 2023 officially kicked off in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 24th. This global postal, parcel, and express industry event attracted exhibitors from nearly 300 countries, eager to explore the cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of the logistics industry.

WallTech is shining at Parcel+Post Expo 2023!

WallTech,with its star products CargoWare(a cloud-based software provides one-stop SaaS services)and eTower(an end-to-end Parcel Logistics Software Platform for international e-commerce)attracted attention at booth 12.306 in Hall 12.


WallTech offers a range of products tailored for different international logistics needs, These including,

• CargoWare, a cloud-based software provides one-stop SaaS services

• eTower, an end-to-end Parcel Logistics Software Platform for international e-commerce 

• eTowerOne, a software solution for international e-commerce freight forwarders , FBA logistics and large e-commerce enterprises with supply chain management needs


 Parcel+Post Expo 2023 Walltech Make Logistics Sailing Easy and Worry-Free.png

Parcel Post Expo:2023 Walltech Make Logistics Sailing Easy and Worry-Free


A Hub of Innovation and Collaboration 

At the exhibition, WallTech's star products, along with their mature solutions and extensive operational experience, attracted numerous overseas merchants who were eager to explore collaborations.


Liu Feng, chief Product Officer of WallTech and director of the Digital Working Committee of the China International Freight Forwarders Association, delivered a speech at the Parcel+Post Expo Innovation Forum. He shared insights on two main topics: "Development and Trend of Cross-border E-commerce Logistics in China" and "Reconstruction of Global Logistics Software and Service by Cloud." His speech revealed the changes, trends, and opportunities in the global e-commerce field, as well as the smart logistics SAAS solutions offered by China.

China’s Cross-border E-commerce has Experienced Explosive Growth in the Past Decade


Liu Feng pointed out that the past decade witnessed explosive growth in China's cross-border e-commerce.Supported by manufacturing advantages and digital innovation capabilities, China cooperates with global trading partners to promote the global cross-border e-commerce industry.

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The Globalization of Chinese Logistics Enterprises 

Liu Feng believes that the globalization of Chinese logistics companies is an undeniable trend. The "Belt and Road" strategic vision paves the way for e-commerce and logistics to explore new international opportunities. Emerging economies, such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East, are rising. With the success of Chinese e-commerce platforms like SHEIN, Temu, TikTok, and more, Chinese e-commerce and logistics firms now have access to a more diverse global market.


Netherlands, the host country of this exhibition,is located in Europe and is the second-largest SaaS market in the world. Netherlands is also the terminal country of the "Modern Silk Road" – the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge. It not only has a profound business culture, but also has a long trade tradition with China. As a leading developer and operator of cross-border logistics SaaS cloud service software in China, WallTech's mature product matrix and globally-focused SaaS system solutions have broad market prospects, helping local enterprises to build intelligent, collaborative and shared logistics products and services in European and Chinese logistics enterprises.

E-commerce and its related logistics industries have huge potential in the global market, but they also face challenges in data compliance and data security. In the process of integrating logistics resources and optimizing logistics products, it is necessary to effectively integrate and collaboratively manage the data of the entire supply chain, and manage multiple suppliers and channels at the same time. Data monitoring, order management and timeliness management are also major challenges.

 Parcel+Post Expo 2023 Walltech Make Logistics Sailing Easy and Worry-Free.png

WallTech's International Logistics Cloud Solution

Liu Feng emphasized that WallTech's international logistics cloud solution have lowered the digital entry barrier for logistics enterprises. This enables companies to focus their limited resources and talents on their core business, rather than spending expensive costs and time on digital infrastructure. WallTech's solutions enable businesses to deploy quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

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WallTech's Cloud Service Matrix

In general, WallTech provides strong support for logistics companies in the following aspects,


1. Going Global, based on the global deployment infrastructure of Amazon Cloud and Huawei Cloud, these software give enterprises developing overseas the ability to transcend geographical restrictions. They break geographical restrictions and enable enterprises to achieve "zero-distance" cooperation, achieve collaborative operations with global partners, and provide services to customers from all over the world. In addition, these software also provide enterprises with the opportunity to quickly achieve business growth on cloud platforms.


2.Low-cost Rapid Network Establishment, taking full advantage of the efficient integration effect of the public cloud, these software reduce the cost of using the entire platform for users. Enterprises can join the platform at a low cost and share highly redundant and fully functional infrastructure with more than 2,000 enterprises and more than 100,000 users on the WallTech cloud platform. This means that enterprises can deploy their business directly on the cloud from the first day of establishment and quickly establish a global logistics service network. As SAAS platforms, these three products adhere to the concepts of "sharing" and "software as a service" and undergo functional upgrades at least once a week to ensure that users across the platform can share the advantages of these upgrades and iterations.


3.Data Security and Compliance in International Expansion, these three software undertake the business links of many enterprises. They are not just closed business operating systems, but open and interconnected ecological platforms and business networks. In order to ensure data compliance and data security when during international expansion, WallTech has launched a dedicated system security construction budget since 2019, and its annual investment in system data security has exceeded one million levels.

 Parcel+Post Expo 2023 Walltech Make Logistics Sailing Easy and Worry-Free.jpg

Promoting Collaboration and Growth

As the leading developer and operator of China's cross-border logistics SaaS cloud service software, WallTech's mature product matrix and SaaS system solutions have the potential for global success. By providing smart, collaborative and shared logistics products and services, they promote the growth of local European businesses and Chinese logistics companies.

Other Related Activities

From October 25th to 26th, WallTech will continue to showcase its expertise in cross-border logistics cloud services to overseas markets. They will also introduce their “United Overseas” partners, reinforcing their commitment to foster collaboration and expansion.

Parcel+Post Expo 2023 Walltech Make Logistics Sailing Easy and Worry-Free.png

Over the three days of the show, live seminars, keynotes and panel discussions will explore with partners how to navigate challenges such as international relations and policy uncertainty to guide logistics companies in seizing historic opportunities in the evolving industry.

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