• CargoWare

    A one-stop operation and management cloud platform suitable for traditional trade import and export freight forwarding, such as international sea-air rail transportation and multimodal transportation, dangerous goods/big cargo and other special cargo...

  • eTowerOne

    It is suitable for cross-border e-commerce freight forwarders and large-scale cross-border sellers with supply chain management needs, and supports one-stop overseas warehouse head-to-head services such as package collection, customs declaration...

  • eTowerB2C

    It is suitable for the comprehensive logistics direction of cross-border e-commerce direct mail and small package logistics business, and supports operation station docking, freight accounting, full path tracking of packages...


  • Free Upgrade

    Free Upgrade

    Based on the characteristics of the cloud platform, any new features of eTower will be updated immediately for free.

  • Rent-as-you-go


    eTower can be configured and delivered in a short time. Including all services you need. Also can achieve perfect functions on time. We will be customized according to different functional requirements.

  • Pay-as-you-go


    eTower can quickly help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency without having to invest too much money at one time.

  • Ecological resources

    Ecological resources

    eTower has abundant international service providers, suppliers, integrators and other open business channel resources all over the world. And has formed a complete international cross-border eCommerce logistics service chain.

  • Global Deployment

    Global Deployment

    As one of the first aws partner network technology partner in logistics field of China, eTower has deployed servers in all important eCommerce regions around the world to help users in different regions avoid network delays.

  • Openness and Scalability

    Openness and Scalability

    eTower connects with sellers, overseas warehouses, logistics providers, last-mile delivery and other links through API. Facilitating each role in the entire logistics chain to upload orders or obtain logistics progress information. It can also be customized for some special needs.

  • Multi-party Collaboration

    Multi-party Collaboration

    eTower has the whole chain logistics order management system, which can realizes the close integration of sellers, 3PL, 4PL, Last-mile carriers, etc., so that all parties can see the orders they should handle and the work they need to process.

  • Stability & Security

    Stability & Security

    eTower uses advanced cloud computing technology, providing top-level stability and reliability. eTower also has an independent database, which makes information security well guaranteed.

  • SaaS Platform

    SaaS Platform

    Lightweight software model, easily accessible anytime, anywhere, free from the constraints of hosts and servers, enabling seamless business operations at all times and from any location.

  • Unlimited Users

    Unlimited Users

    No limitation on the number of accounts opened, whether your enterprise has 100, 1000, or 10,000 (employees/suppliers/shippers), you can easily manage them all.


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How Does Amazon FBA Work?

There are certain easy and quick steps which need to be followed in order to list you as a FBA merchant. After following the process, you become tension free as far as delivery and after sales support for your products are considered. But, it is necessary to know the process of Amazon FBA Management, the process of which is given below.

FBA Setup – You can setup FBA by creating a seller Account on Amazon and adding FBA to your account.

Product Listing Creation – Create the list of products you would like to sell through Amazon and post it on Amazon Catalogue manually or with the help of inventory management software like E-Seller Hub.

Make your Products E-Commerce Ready – You need to prepare your products so that they can be safely shipped to Amazon fulfillment Centers.

Shipping Products to Amazon – You can now ship your products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers and be free of all the tensions of delivering products to the customers when order received.

Pick, Pack and Ship Services by Amazon – On receiving the order, Amazon picks, packs and ships your product to the customer’s address. Amazon has a proven past record of shipping the orders quickly and accurately.

Returns and Customer support Services by Amazon – All the product returns and customer support services required after sales is handled by Amazon. So, you don’t have to worry for dissatisfied customers. Amazon does it all.

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Q I have no experience with SaaS software services. Will it be difficult to use?
AWe aim to provide customers with a faster and more convenient system. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the system and how to use it.
Q How does the system help me reduce my costs?
ANo need to own IT team, we are your IT team and we are responsible for all professional system development and maintenance. We have lots of features and modules to use directly.
Q Is the system difficult to operate? How long will it take to deploy?
ACompared to the TO C platform, it is somewhat difficult to get started. However, for most of us, you can master it quickly in a short time through systematic introduction and learning.
Q How to ensure the stability of network and data?
AWe have an excellent development team, which support the security and stability of the system. This is also the premise of our cooperation.
Q How should I monitor my data?
AYou could monitor everything in Admin and integrator module, for example manifest, users, billing etc.
Q If I develop new features and new business, can the system meet the iterative updates required?
AOf course. eTower aim to provide customers with a convenient, fast, efficient platform. One of the things we care about is the user experience. As long as we can bring customers a better use experience, we are willing to try and work hard.
Q Is it safe to store data on the cloud server?
AThe cloud server provider selected by eTower is the AWS cloud service of Amazon, a world-renowned cloud service provider. At present, Amazon has deployed cloud server clusters in many countries, as well as an impeccable multi-line remote disaster recovery scheme, and has a good reputation of commercial confidentiality. eTower also signed a data confidentiality agreement along with the contracts with all customers, and developed a strict internal control and management system, regarding customer data security as our lifeline.

Benefits of Choosing Amazon FBA

The biggest benefit of becoming a FBA merchant is that you get preference over winning the buy box.

Your products become eligible for free 2 day shipping. Customers just love quick and free shipping.

Amazon is having a very good customer support system and your customers get best after sales support and easy returns facility.

Amazon services enable you to focus on your business as they handle all the difficult tasks like picking, packing, shipping, returns, customer support etc.

You are charged very nominal fees for storing your products at Amazon fulfillment centers. You are not charged extra for free shipping and thus you are availing cost-effective services from Amazon.

Free shipping is allowed on small and light weight products by Amazon. So, your customers may get benefit of free shipping on many of your products.

Role of E-Seller Hub

E-Seller Hub supports almost every Amazon store and so now you can sell your products without worrying about overselling. Just relax as your inventory would be updated automatically over all Amazon stores. A systematic Amazon FBA Developers as an online retailer would definitely lead you towards growth of your business.


Can I deliver items to Amazon FBA by myself?

No, Amazon does not encourage self-delivery of your own products as there are specific protocols to follow. Permissions have been granted only to recognized trucking firms and delivery service providers like USPS, FEDEX, UPS, etc., on an appointment basis.How do I package multiple packs for Amazon FBA?

Initially, create an Amazon listing followed by an ASIN or FNSKU for the multiple packages. It should be packaged as one single item and sent to Amazon in a sealed carton, sleeve, or box. It should be labeled as a multipack or mentioned as “sold as a set.” Each multipack must carry a scannable label as a single unit.What to do when Amazon labels your product as an add-on item?

In some instances, Amazon labels low-cost products as “add-on” items as they feel that it cannot justify shipping costs at that price. It can cut your sales significantly. One feasible solution is to increase the product’s cost.

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