Welcome to eTower Integrated Couriers & Logistics

Welcome to eTower Integrated Couriers & Logistics

eTower specialises in integrated courier system software for Integrated Couriers & Logistics operators of domestic and international couriers.

Providing efficient software assistance to logistics service providers with a portfolio of logistics services including overnight delivery to major international destinations, domestic and global couriers, express air freight and unique gift delivery services to specific markets. We are a one-stop software developer for all your commercial and personal air courier needs.

eTower helps e-commerce sellers to easily aggregate orders from multiple sales channels (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Magento and more!) ) and fulfil their orders through various shipping companies and fulfilment providers. Combined with our automated features, we save you hours of fulfilment time every day...

eTower helps courier companies deliver exceptional service. The cloud-based software allows routes to be planned and optimised in seconds. Save time and free up resources to grow your business.

eTower is a cloud-based delivery management platform that helps shippers and carriers with routing and scheduling management. Key features include shipment tracking, real-time monitoring, risk management, scheduling, rights management, performance tracking and resource allocation.

With an intuitive driver application and powerful dashboards and APIs, eTower enables businesses to manage their courier operations easily and efficiently.

Manage and automate your entire logistics, supply chain and warehouse operations, from order capture to product destination, all within one platform.

People also ask of logistics

<h3>​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path</h3>

​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path

Tracking and monitoring the parcel path, and updating the parcel information in real time. 



Parcel delivery system integrating all cross-border collaboration partners in the parcel delivery system supply chain to achieve data docking. Real-time order data monitoring return. 

<h3>Docking with operation station<h3>

Docking with operation station

Docking with parcel operation station, monitoring parcel a-scan, parcel scan, parcel weighs, parcel sorting, parcel package, and other data in real-time. Implement complex parcel sorting logic and mobile operations. 

<h3>Various Creation Methods<h3>

Various Creation Methods

Various order creation methods, including manual addition, template batch addition and API docking addition. Automatically obtaining platform delivery orders. 

​<h3>Monitor abnormal parcel</h3>

Monitor abnormal parcel

Monitor abnormal parcel in real time and provide corresponding solutions in time.


eTower prides itself on having designed a flexible cloud-based software system, the Multi-role management logistics system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This game-changing technology enables managers and strategists to make important decisions instantly, wherever they work. eTower offers a range of flexible models that can be customised to perfectly suit the needs of growing businesses developing in the logistics industry. eTower has been designed with growth in mind. In fact, the system focuses primarily on streamlining finance, human resources and parcel fulfilment processes in order to increase transparency within the logistics service company and throughout the supply chain. This instant communication means less time for emailing and record keeping, and more time for innovation. As a bonus, the software has been developed to integrate seamlessly with multiple logistics process software and can easily be integrated with many others as well. The system can also be used to collect and aggregate relevant data so that companies can improve their end-to-end visibility by making quick, informed decisions. Integrating all logistics service providers, carriers, services, transport orders, activities and history into one easily accessible online platform streamlines almost all distribution processes. The software saves businesses valuable time that would otherwise be spent on clunky, outdated planning techniques. Better still, automated systems reduce labour costs by shortening job throughput.

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