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A growing number of systems and applications on the market help distributors, warehouses, retailers and other companies to optimise the day-to-day movement of products and stock in and out. By using cloud-based technology, teams can now access real-time insights and vital information to collaborate with other team members, partners and customers around the world. Surprisingly, this can often be done through a logistics management software platform that is used to handle your most pressing transport, financial and HR data.

What is logistics industry software?

Logistics industry software is a computer programme that allows you to combine the transport, material handling, packaging, inventory and security of your supply chain processes. The software also helps to manage and organise parcels, equipment, letter mail, shipping and tracking

The best logistics industry software used in the market are eTower, Oracle NetSuite ERP, PeopleSoft by Oracle, Logi-Sys , Logisite, Loginext Mile, OptimoRoute, Ramco Logistics, Track-POD and TruckLinks. System tools such as TruckLinks take care of the entire logistics corridor, ensuring the smooth movement of goods without bottlenecks.

Depending on the nature of your business, there are several options available to bring order to your chaos. Today, we will examine three types of logistics management systems: ERP, demand planning software, and distribution and transportation systems, to help you determine which system and/or software best meets your operational needs. Note: For convenience, the following 10 best logistics management software platforms are listed in alphabetical order by category.

top 10 logistics software system

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​<h3>Monitor abnormal parcel</h3>

Monitor abnormal parcel

Monitor abnormal parcel in real time and provide corresponding solutions in time.

<h3>Business models</h3>

Business models

Parcel delivery system business models such as International express integration, cross- border small parcel integration, Domestic fulfillment order management and cross-border e-commerce service integration etc., And also provide custom development service.

<h3>​API connection</h3>

​API connection

API connection, data connection and information chain sharing with various parcel delivery system ERP trading assistants.



Bonded parcel warehouse, Overseas warehouse parcel transport and parcel FBA replenishment management etc. Parcel delivery system business requirements, optimize business timeliness.

<h3>Channel routing</h3>

Channel routing

Channel routing, multi-channel supplier selections, parcel transparent price, achieving the parcel delivery optimal pricing standard. 

<h3>​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path</h3>

​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path

Tracking and monitoring the parcel path, and updating the parcel information in real time. 

​<h3>The freight budget</h3>

The freight budget

The freight budget, surcharges, VAT, multi-step freight fees calculation and multiple parcel shipment.



Parcel delivery system integrating all cross-border collaboration partners in the parcel delivery system supply chain to achieve data docking. Real-time order data monitoring return. 

<h3>Docking with operation station<h3>

Docking with operation station

Docking with parcel operation station, monitoring parcel a-scan, parcel scan, parcel weighs, parcel sorting, parcel package, and other data in real-time. Implement complex parcel sorting logic and mobile operations. 

<h3>Diversified Label Printing</h3>

Diversified Label Printing

Diversified parcel delivery label printing. Allowing different custom parcel delivery label templates of the channel side to export templates, docking files, produce commercial invoices and bills. 

<h3>Various Creation Methods<h3>

Various Creation Methods

Various order creation methods, including manual addition, template batch addition and API docking addition. Automatically obtaining platform delivery orders. 


eTower prides itself on having designed a flexible cloud-based software system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This game-changing technology enables managers and strategists to make important decisions instantly, wherever they work. eTower offers a range of flexible models that can be customised to perfectly suit the needs of growing businesses developing in the logistics industry. eTower has been designed with growth in mind. In fact, the system focuses primarily on streamlining finance, human resources and parcel fulfilment processes in order to increase transparency within the logistics service company and throughout the supply chain. This instant communication means less time for emailing and record keeping, and more time for innovation. As a bonus, the software has been developed to integrate seamlessly with multiple logistics process software and can easily be integrated with many others as well. The system can also be used to collect and aggregate relevant data so that companies can improve their end-to-end visibility by making quick, informed decisions. Integrating all logistics service providers, carriers, services, transport orders, activities and history into one easily accessible online platform streamlines almost all distribution processes. The software saves businesses valuable time that would otherwise be spent on clunky, outdated planning techniques. Better still, automated systems reduce labour costs by shortening job throughput.


Ideal for B2C, parcel shipping operations

100% cloud-based software

Reduce paper and manual processes and reduce transport labour costs by up to 95%

Valuable collaborative logistics supply chain application

Simplifies multi-logistician processes

Maximise transport volumes

Reduce costs and maximise profits

Reduce cycle times

Comes with optional applications for building your own unique ERP

Provides simple document management accessible on a variety of devices

Provides extensive on-demand reporting

Multi-currency options help enhance cross-border trade

Speeds up order processing through automation

Allows manufacturers and distributors to gain real-time insight

100% cloud-based

Offers free upgrades

Offers free consultancy

Improves global communication

Minimizes the need for unrelated IT

Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle's Demantra demand planning system is designed to connect key members throughout your organization and supply chain to enable swifter, more meaningful communication. It also provides Oracle's signature real-time sales and operations planning solutions which can be set in place to promote adaptive demand-driven planning to organizations focused on strategizing growth and scalability.

Key Features:

Allows users to manage sales forecasting and account planning all in one place

Includes predictive trade planning solutions

Tools to model new products based off of the life cycle of existing ones

Price: Contact for a quote

PeopleSoft by Oracle

Oracle's PeopleSoft software is comprised of a host of features that were developed to help warehouses, manufacturers and retailers Oracle's PeopleSoft software is comprised of a host of features that were developed to help warehouses, manufacturers and retailers attain a deeper insight on analytics, all done with an entirely customizable software that can be tailor-made to fit your specific industry. bonus is PeopleSoft's friendly interface which can be easily mastered and utilized by most all staff members.

Key Features:

Provides on-demand, simplified analytics

Formal training available through Oracle

Apps strategy support

Price: Contact for a quote


Best in class freight forwarding logistics - Softlink has integrated software called Logi-Sys. It is a cloud-based end-to-end management software for all freight forwarding and logistics business needs.

Automated freight logistics - Logi-Sys software helps to automate and streamline all your business processes. This enhances management and increases the efficiency of your business operations.

Flexible modules - Softlink offers different modules. This feature allows companies to choose the module that best suits their needs.


Freight forwarding services - You can use all types of freight forwarding services: cargo warehousing, airfreight export as well as picking and delivery services.

Third party logistics - Logisuite meets all 3PL needs from transport order management to sales order coordination and item inventory


Online tracking system - This feature helps you to keep track of your business at all times. It also helps you to know which customers have or have not been served.

As the market becomes more competitive for customers, businesses must ensure that their products and services are always available to consumers. A supply management system is a complex process involving many sub-processes. Therefore, complex and user-friendly software systems must be used. The above logistics software is the best available on the market today.

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