Logistics software automates warehousing, transportation management, shipping and other logistical functions, monitoring the flow of products from supplier to end user. These applications provide a wide variety of features including inventory control, warehousing, purchasing and receiving, sales and shipping, barcode / RFID scanning and label printing. Logistics solutions typically offer integration for vendor and customer management, accounting, and business reporting tools. Logistics software is related to Distribution software, RFID software, Shipping software, Trucking software and Warehouse Management software.



As an International logistics parcel delivery cloud service product, eTower is a one stop cross -border e-commerce collaborative Saas platform software, providing timely, controllable and factual visual information for all parties involved in the global parcel delivery service.

eTower logistics software solutions with Cross-border eCommerce logistics collaborative platform helps you get through the one-stop digital logistics service chain, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and make you quickly become the industry leader.

eTower system not only can meet your existing customers' business operation services needs, but also can help you to expand new business by abundant resources (including national postal services such as Australia Post, Japan Post, Canada Post, PostNL, BPost and PostNord, also other top 20 forwarders in the world such as Crane etc.). eTower cross-border logistics ecosystem helps you to quickly enter the cross-border logistics business chain, accelerate resource acquisition. Finally achieve ecological empowerment.

2. Anchanto


Anchanto integrates every aspect of your e-commerce environment—giving you total visibility, flawless performance and up-to-the moment optimization, all from the cloud.Integrates with the e-commerce solutions you already work with.

And the ones you want to.

3.Innovation and Productivity

Innovation and Productivity


Projects under Innovation and Productivity support companies that explore new areas of growth, or look for ways to enhance efficiency. These could include reviewing and redesigning workflow and processes. Companies could also tap into automation and technologies to make routine tasks more efficient.



Streamline every aspect of your business – projects, CRM, collaboration, billing, and reporting. Available in the cloud, from any device.

Get started for free. No credit card required.

While being easy to use, Scoro is not a simplistic tool – it helps you manage not just your team, contacts and finances, but your entire company in one place. Moreover, Scoro’s reporting capabilities are incomparable to any other business software on the market.

4. Neurored


Logistics Optimization Software

Neurored helps logistics businesses (FTL/ LTL/ Parcel/ Ocean/ Air) achieve excellence by optimizing their pickup-to-delivery network across order consolidation, transport dispatch, cross-docking, warehousing, and last-mile delivery.

5.Infor CloudSuite 

Infor CloudSuite

Infor CloudSuite WMS is a Tier 1 warehouse management system combining core warehouse functionality with labor management, task management, wave management, and 3PL management on one highly configurable, scalable database. The contemporary user interface, combined with an open API framework, enables advanced features such as Web RF, 3D visual warehousing, and voice processing, allowing you to manage multiple channels (B2B/B2C) from a single warehouse. Available On-Premise and in the Cloud. Learn more about Infor WMS

6. Track-POD


Track-POD is your trusted tech backup when it comes to advanced logistics management with multiple daily routes and depots involved. Use AI-powered route planning and fleet optimization to get the  most out of your fleet & staff, introduce additional security checks with barcodes and vehicle maintenance, integrate last-mile delivery into your ERP or larger systems, and upgrade to a fully paperless supply chain. Learn more about Track-POD



NextBillion.ai is a leading spatial data + AI platform that helps enterprises build, scale, and manage their own mapping ecosystems to leverage location data and optimize on cost, scale, and UX. Our AI-powered unified platform helps logistics companies solve complex routing, scheduling, dispatch, order batching, and fleet management challenges. From e-scooters and motorbikes to cars, minivans and 16-wheeler trucks, our solution customizes outputs for every use case to deliver impactful outcomes. Learn more about NextBillion.ai



Datapel is a trusted Warehouse Management System that supports you to lower costs, be more efficient and dramatically improve your inventory control. Gain real-time insights and streamline operations with efficient order fulfilment and automated backorder management. Your Datapel Cloud WMS combines powerful features into one easy, automated system. With a dedicated local support team, implementation is seamless. Learn more about Datapel WMS



Detrack is a delivery management software that helps businesses keep track of their deliveries. It provides a simple and effective way to manage delivery schedules, track delivery progress, and  ensure that deliveries are made on time. Detrack also offers features that allow businesses to automate their delivery operations, including route planning, tracking, and invoicing. Learn more about Detrack



OptimoRoute helps logistics businesses provide stand-out service. Using sophisticated algorithms, OptimoRoute plans and optimizes routes in a matter of seconds. Underneath a simple interface, there is an endless supply of tricks, features, and shortcuts. It’s easy to use, flexes to your needs, and gets the job done. OptimoRoute customers cut fuel and driving expenses by 20% and free up time for more important things--like growing the business. Learn more about OptimoRoute

11. Onfleet


Onfleet's modern, delightful logistics software makes it easy for couriers to manage and analyze their local deliveries. Onfleet includes intuitive smartphone apps for drivers, a real-time web dashboard for dispatchers, and automated SMS notifications and driver tracking for your customers. Our API allows for integration into online ordering and other systems. Our software has powered millions of deliveries for couriers in 60+ countries around the world. Start your free trial today! Learn more about Onfleet

12. Tookan


Tookan is a powerful off-the-shelf Delivery Management platform, which enables businesses to modernize their delivery operations and take complete control in managing real-time deliveries. Tookan can be seamlessly integrated with any Order Management platform or POS, thus simplifying the delivery process end to end. Tookan comes with an Agent app, Dispatch Dashboard, and multiple Extensions that enable features like Real-time tracking, Route Optimisation, GeoFencing, Agent wallets, etc. Learn more about Tookan



Control your entire supply chain from one dashboard, with complete visibility from order confirmation right up until delivery. Track multiple shipments from various dispatch locations to any region of the globe. eShipz allows you to integrate with 120+ domestic and international carriers, in less than 20 minutes. Learn more about eShipz



Easy to use & completely web-based ERP, Logi-Sys is designed using the latest technology for Freight Forwarders & LSPs. With the supportive Mobile Apps, it gives them the power of mobility. Logi-Sys covers all the needs of a Freight Forwarder, including Sales & CRM, Freight Operations, WMS, TMS, Billing, Financial Accounting & Online Tracking for Customer Visibility. Currently being used in 50+ countries by 1000+ Clientele, Logi-Sys takes care of all their End to End operations. Learn more about Logi-Sys

15. Logix Platform

Logix Platform

Logix Platform, a complete logistics software solution with API Integrations and mobile app support to manage your entire logistics and eCommerce business in a single platform. Logix Platform covers the end-to-end needs of 3PL, eCommerce retailers, logistics service providers, freight forwarders and courier service providers. We have more than 40+ carriers and major eCommerce integrations associated with the system that helps you run operations smoothly. Currently being used in 16+ countries. Learn more about Logix Platform



Hopstack is an advanced AI-powered warehouse management and execution SaaS platform to automate and digitize warehouse operations. Hopstack's platform empowers businesses to gain control of their warehouse operations, eliminate chokepoints and improve fulfillment throughput without scaling costs. The platform enables greater operational efficiency by providing customizable workflows, no-code rule-engine along with an advanced reporting and analytics module. Learn more about Hopstack



LogistiWerx is a platform that can help trucking companies manage fleets of any size, wether it be line haul for land, air, sea or rail. Users can gain significant efficiency through computer-based warehouse and dock management, increasing speed and load optimization while reducing human error. With Logistiwerx companies can generate management reports and forecasts, manage fleet maintenance and operating cost, and gain enroute document efficiency and security. Learn more about LogistiWerx



NetSuite inbound logistics helps you coordinate efficient transportation, receipt, and storage of inbound inventory. NetSuite dashboards help manage everything from expediting outstanding orders to container management to scheduling specific receipt dates. You can ensure that the products meet your requirements by performing inspections and tracking vendor quality, standardising the putaway process with predefined strategies. Learn more about NetSuite

19. ShipStation Logistics

ShipStation Logistics

Wherever you sell, however you ship, ShipStation Logistics software powers shipping success of all sizes. Connect ShipStation to online stores, marketplaces, carriers, and eCommerce tools in seconds and seamlessly sync your shipping. Import orders from 100+ selling channels, marketplaces, ERPs, CRMs, or IMSs with shipping configurations automatically applied. Learn more about ShipStation

20. Shippo


Ecommerce is complex. Shipping doesn’t have to be. Shippo connects you with the best rates at the most carriers using a solution integrated with your business and experienced support at every stage so you can grow into the future. Manage shipping for all of your sales channels and get access to exclusive discounts from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL + 80 more, automated workflows, detailed tracking and notifications, seamless returns, international customs declarations, and more. Learn more about Shippo

21. ePROMIS Logistics

ePROMIS Logistics

ePROMIS Logistics FutureGen Enterprise Cloud - A Modern Enterprise Platform to help businesses of all sizes, reach Newer Heights. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND platform with business applications including ERP, HCM, CRM, EAM, CAFM, B2B & B2C Management, and many others under ONE SINGLE PLATFORM accessible from any devices including PC, laptops tablets, and smartphones at any time. ePROMIS Solutions is a leading global enterprise software provider. Learn more about ePROMIS ERP

22.  Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator

Transporting goods from Point A to Point B isn't as simple as it sounds. Fortunately, we can help. With this app, effortlessly manage your shipment, vehicles, and drivers. What's more, with automated SMS notifications and full mobile support, your logistical operations are guaranteed to be smooth. This logistics application is powered by Deluge - a low-code scripting language that uses logic to help you automate workflows. Customize this app for the web, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Learn more about Zoho Creator



Easyship is the worlds leading cloud-based shipping technology platform that helps eCommerce merchants ship their products globally. As a user-centric product, Easyship has helped to simplify the complex world of cross-border logistics for more than 40,000 clients worldwide; with exclusive rates from leading couriers, on-demand pickup requests, and a dashboard to track every shipment, we've got your logistics operations covered from checkout to delivery. Learn more about Easyship



ShipMonk offers a multichannel order, inventory, and warehouse management solution that supports small to medium-sized eCommerce businesses in achieving sustainable, scalable growth. It's simple: Through our 65+ API integrations, our software syncs directly with your sales channel of choice. From there, we store, pick, pack, and ship your orders, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on expanding your business. It's how we execute our motto of "Stress Less, Grow More." Learn more about ShipMonk

25.3PL Warehouse Manager

3PL Warehouse Manager 

Providing the ability to connect suppliers, partners, employees, customers, and their customers, 3PL Centrals cloud-based WMS solutions were built to help 3PLs grow their logistics management business. Designed by warehouse management experts, our WMS offers turnkey EDI integration, global visibility, automated billing management, innovative packing and shipping features, mobile bar-code scanning capabilities, and more. Speak to an expert today. Learn more about 3PL Warehouse Manager



Kuebix, a Trimble Company, offers a transportation management system (TMS) with Freight Intelligence that enables companies to capitalize on supply chain opportunities through visibility, control & the use of predictive analytics. Kuebix TMS is a modular solution that scales to meet the unique needs of every supply chain with a broad array of Premier Applications, Integrations & Managed Service Programs. Built on the latest cloud technology, Kuebix delivers rapid implementations and a low TCO. Learn more about Kuebix TMS



MyCarrier empowers LTL/TL shippers to connect directly to their carriers through an intuitive web platform for all shipping needs, from checking rates and availability to quoting, dispatching, and reporting. The MyCarrier platform streamlines the shipping process, allowing shippers to capture the best rates while increasing visibility, accuracy, and trust. Learn more about MyCarrierTMS

28.Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC)

Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) 

The Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) is a highly scalable, easy-to-use platform designed to optimize your data movement ecosystem. Serving thousands of 3PL, warehousing, distribution, and supply chain management and logistics providers, Cleo file transfer technologies provide comprehensive integration solutions with robust monitoring features, superior reliability, and enhanced security to optimize operational processes and ensure customer SLA's. Learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud



Sendcloud enables more than 23,000 e-commerce businesses to save time, effort and money on their most crucial process: shipping. Connect to your favourite carriers and efficiently ship worldwide. Exceed customer expectations with branded tracking mails, tracking pages, and a fully self-service return portal. Get your store ready for international growth with the scalable Sendcloud shipping platform. Learn more about Sendcloud

30.LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile offers the best logistics management software with machine learning capabilities to: plan effective delivery schedules and routes; auto-allocate shipments based on vehicle type, capacity, and driver skill-sets; fast dispatch with easy-scan-in loading and unloading; live tracking of vehicles; hub-load balancing based on incoming shipments; easy delivery validation and processing; and more. Logistics optimization reduces delivery movement costs and increases efficiency. Learn more about LogiNext Mile

31. DesktopShipper


DesktopShipper is designed for any type of business model from start-ups to enterprise businesses to fulfillment companies. We're here to help automate how you ship, which will save you time and money. With DesktopShipper, you can sync orders from all marketplaces into one centralized view, filter orders, create batches and print custom packing slips. We provide the fastest and cheapest solution to shipping with our rate shopping tool and the ability to print and ship orders in seconds. Learn more about DesktopShipper



eHub is a shipping API designed to work with a variety of shopping carts, websites, and other software. Bring your own ecosystem or choose a UI from one of our partners to get started (both free and paid software options available). Carriers including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Integrations include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and more. There's no monthly fees to use the eHub API, shipping optimization advice, or support (available by phone, text, email, or video). Find out how we can help today! Learn more about eHub



Logistics Management online database provides logistics companies with a centralized searchable solution for planning, coordination and control of effective movement and storage of goods. The system is fully customizable: you can manage your data the way you want to and modify the application any time you need to reflect each and every detail important in your business. TeamDesk provides unlimited records, unlimited storage, unlimited support, stable rates and free trial. Learn more about TeamDesk

34. Sifted Logistics Intelligence (LI)

Sifted Logistics Intelligence (LI)

For companies striving for future growth but facing the pressures of now, Sifted is the leading logistics intelligence software that combines insights with expertise to empower bigger, smarter shipping decisions you can be confident in. We analyze billions of datapoints, multiple times a week, crafting action-oriented insights and recommendations in order to solve the most challenging business obstacles. Learn more about Sifted Logistics Intelligence (LI)



Locus dispatch management platform is an integrated platform powered by dynamic machine learning algorithms to simplify last mile dispatching. Its powerful automation capabilities enable modern enterprise businesses to fulfill orders, plan routes, manage time slots, track deliveries, and analyze metrics cost-effectively. Now organize, schedule, assign, and optimize last-mile deliveries with zero human intervention, maximize efficiency and bolster your growth with Locus. Learn more about Locus Dispatch Management Platform



Flowtrac is a cloud-based or on-premise solution that helps organizations manage their Inventory, Assets, Warehouse, Work In Process, Proof of Delivery, and other Special requirements. Clients include Commercial, Government, Education, and Humanitarian organizations. Users access the system via desktops, tablets, smartphones, or mobile barcode guns. Flowtrac staff guides you from start to finish with training, consulting, and development. Service and support offered online or on-site. Learn more about Flowtrac

37.Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya Supply Chain 

Manage and automate your entire logistics, supply chain, and warehouse operations from order acquisition to product destination, all within a single platform. Read more about Magaya Supply Chain.



Logi-Sys is an ERP software, which helps freight forwarding and logistics businesses manage sales, purchase orders, deliveries, customer service, transportation, and more. The freight forwarding module lets users handle international and domestic operations across air, land, and sea transport. Read more about Logi-Sys

39. ArcGIS


ArcGIS by Esri is an integrated suite of geographic information system (GIS) software, providing a compliant platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping, with ArcGIS Online offering a web-based solution accessible anywhere, anytime for the creation & sharing of 3D map visualizations Read more about ArcGIS



Cin7 Orderhive is an eCommerce Automation Software that allows you to manage your Inventory, Orders, Shipping and all other eCommerce operations automatically. Read more about Orderhive

41. Easyship


Easyship is a cloud-based, all-in-one shipping platform which allows eCommerce businesses to manage domestic & international shipping through 250+ courier solutions Read more about Easyship

42. FlowTrac


FlowTrac is a warehouse management solution, which helps organizations manage asset tracking, inventory management, manufacturing & more. It lets users assign assets to employees or customers, monitor status via check-in/out details & receive alerts bout return dates. Read more about Flowtrac



Ecount ERP is a fully integrated, web-based accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing and production management software for small and mid-sized businesses. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool allows users to manage all aspects of their business, both front and back office, from one platform. Read more about ECOUNT



CartonCloud is a transport (TMS) & warehouse management system (WMS) designed for SMBs within the 3PL industry that helps simplify complex logistics for users who store, pick-pack and deliver goods on behalf of their clients. Features include order management, invoicing, mobile apps & integrations. Read more about CartonCloud



Here’s a logistics software that streamlines all your business functions helping you achieve the zenith. Our logistics ERP software has industry-specific features that focus on offering Logistics Service Providers in Singapore, or in any other part of the world, sheer logistical convenience.

Equip your business with a logistics system that helps integrate all your requirements into one platform to help you make informed, data-based decisions.



Automate your logistics operations, minimize lead times, and boost customer satisfaction with the most complete Logistics ERP System.

48. Perfomatix 


Perfomatix is a product engineering services company focused on high quality AGILE software product development starting from software blueprinting and wireframing to deployments at scale. We partner with global enterprises, helping them to apply innovation in every facet of business.

49.TranSuite FMS

 TranSuite FMS

TranSuite FMS, one logistics system for all freight forwarders need. Managing shipments have never been easier than this. A well integrated system that handles from shipment booking, tracking, document generation, invoicing and payments.



Software for your efficient transport management: covering everything from order entry, and planning – also with automated tour planning – to freight invoicing, fleet management. Our logistics software is used by companies of all sizes .

51. Epicor


Epicor combines innovative technology with deep industry expertise to help distributors, manufacturers, and retailers achieve greater supply chain efficiency. With a clearer picture of your supply chain, you can eliminate hidden costs and weed out non-value-added activities. Whether you need to optimize inventory for a single retail location or integrate your entire global supply chain, Epicor offers SCM, sourcing, inventory, data integration, dispatch, and shipping solutions to help you control costs and meet customer expectations for speed and service.



We build Software for your efficient transport management: covering everything from order entry, and planning. Also offer features like freight invoicing, fleet management and Business Intelligence Systems for evaluating your data. We develop logistics software for companies of all sizes – from small businesses to international groups. We offer GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software for fleet business. We also develop tailored mobile application for a GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management (iOS & Android). With this app you can track monitoring vehicle fleets, assets and workforce in real-time offering locations, speed, travelling distance, engine status and more data in a single screen.



Advancements in technology and changes in the way goods are bought and sold are creating both complexity and opportunity for transportation and logistics companies. Competitive international markets and an increasingly digitised omnichannel supply chain means that data-driven insights that trim costs and accelerate delivery are a must. To keep pace, transportation and logistics companies need core financials that can help them be agile and forward thinking as they navigate the constantly changing global landscape.



Our solution INFOLOG Logistics Suite has been developed extensively by our team of specialised veterans with more than over 15 years of accumulated experiences to cover a wide range of end-to-end Supply Chain needs.



We expert in Consultancy, IT System Strategy & Planning by advising organizations on how to best use Information Technology in achieving their business objectives. We estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer IT systems, maintenance after deploy on behalf of client organizations that are not IT-savvy. Understand clients IT challenges, identify the business needs, plan out the resources for different projects, manage clients IT project life-cycle are our expertise. Our structured projects, development methodologies, platform and tools aretailored to client's unique business and technical needs.

Appzgate is a technology solutions & software development company providing development services to various SMBs, Start-ups and Large Organization across finance, retail, construction, F&B, E-Commerce, and logistic domains. We have been one of the best software consultancy in Singapore providing excellent services since 2016.

56.Focus Softnet

Focus Softnet 

Focus Softnet provides the best ERP software solutions for warehouses integrated with CRM module to enhance management of customer relationships. The solutions have proved invaluable in enabling flawless order fulfillment and on-time shipments. Operational automation brought by the WMS solutions aid in maximizing outputs and make managing and monitoring operations easier. Thus, these solutions empower organizations to improve various aspects of business and earn more profits.

57. Ninja Van

Ninja Van

Ninja Van is an app-based platform providing last-mile B2C courier services. Enterprises, e-stores, and businesses can register on the platform and select courier services for doorstep delivery of their packages. They can create orders, track shipments, upload bulk orders, enter shipping details, schedule deliveries, and receive customer payments. Its clients include Unilever and Lazada.



Janio provides end-to-end logistics delivery solutions. The company provides solutions for customs clearance, cross-border shipping, and last-mile delivery. It provides services like creating shipping labels automatically, delivered duty paid arrangements, real-time end-to-end tracking, and automated price processing.

59. Ezyhaul


Ezyhaul is a cloud-based market platform for booking freight transportation services. It connects shippers with carriers for freight haulage services by road. Shippers can schedule shipments, select carriers and book short-haul, long-haul and cross-border shipping services. It includes live shipment tracking, photo proof, analytics, reporting and barcode scanning.

60.Parcel Perform

Parcel Perform 

Parcel Perform is a cloud-based software for eCommerce store operators to compare and book carriers for sending packages. Businesses can compare prices from multiple carriers and view KPIs such as geography coverage, transit times, etc. It also provides a solution for the courier service provider to manage their deliveries, track customer queries, and creating own dashboards to track performance. It charges a monthly subscription fee to the courier providers for this service. The company offers solutions on the subscription-based policy.

61. 20Cube 


20Cube is a provider of tech-enabled freight forwarding services. It provides freight forwarding, customs clearance, distribution, warehousing, multi-modal transport, export and import services. Its platform enables the management of freight forwarding and end-to-end visibility. Its clients include American Tourister, BMW and Samsonite.



Haulio is a collaborative marketplace for booking trucking services. The haulage management platform connects users with a network of carriers and other stakeholders like freight forwarders, drivers, and port operators. Carriers can further collaborate with other stakeholders on the platform to offer industry-level sharing. The platform pools various stakeholders and customers to match customer requirements to available haulers/truckers. Features include real-time tracking, reporting, analytics, daily operations overview, real-time information about weather/traffic, and more.

62.cloud-based on-demand e-commerce fulfillment solutions

cloud-based on-demand e-commerce fulfillment solutions 

Offers cloud-based on-demand e-commerce fulfillment solutions. The platform allows retailers to connect their stores through a sales channel platform. The order gets shipped from the nearest fulfillment center. The solution has features like on-demand warehousing, last-mile carrier integration, real-time analytics, and many more.

63. AGVs



Developer of AGVs for warehouses. Its features include payload transfer in warehouses and factories, onboard LIDARs for localization, navigation, and obstacle detection, job tasking and routing, as well as multi-purpose adaptability. It also provides disinfection robots for the healthcare sector. It caters to manufacturing, commercial, warehousing, and healthcare facilities.



Even when the world is on a stand still, the logistics industry keeps moving 24/7. Symphony is today’s scalable intelligent logistics technology that powers you to deliver better value, accuracy and speed with ease from anywhere in the world, every time. Symphony helps you manage your logistics and supply chain operations from everywhere in the world.

65.Seamlessly manage

Seamlessly manage 

Seamlessly manage sustainable transportation, global trade, and distribution processes to maximize perfect order fulfillment, minimize logistics costs while adapting to business disruptions and changes in your supply chain.

66.AilisXe & nSolution

 AilisXen Solution

Daily Support for AilisXe & nSolution

Develop new application using Microsoft platform (vb.net or c#) for WMS(Warehouse Management System) and TMS(Transportation Management System)

EDI Development between Customer System and in-house System

Provide daily support for in-house system

Implement and delivery SCM project development with Open Source

Transforming legacy system from .Net to Java technologies

Liaise with business analysts for clarification and understanding of requirements



A delivery management software which allows you to gain full visibility and control on your logistics operations, manage your partners and scale your business

 68.Quincus Delivery Solution

Quincus Delivery Solution

The Quincus Delivery Solution optimized first-mile pickup with smart dispatch management and algorithmically driven route planning for our postal service customer. This enabled leaner, speedier parcel collection operations with 22% fewer resources while achieving 25% more stops per driver.

69. Botsync 


Botsync is a robotics startup that builds heavy duty autonomous mobile robots to automate point to point goods movement for the logistics and manufacturing industry. Our robots can move pallets and other payloads between 300 and 1000 kg, and are designed to be implemented in new facilities with next to minimum changes to the existing infrastructure. This enables companies of all sizes to implement automation without stopping their existing operations.



ONE LOGON is an integrated Supply Chain & Logistics software solution comprises of Warehouse Management, Transport Management, Freight Management, Container Management modules. KEYfields leverages on technology, developing IT Solutions that are versatile and cost effective. The solutions can easily integrate into and across other business centric modules. In addition, they can be deployed independently to cater to different business needs.



National carrier will adopt SPEEDCARGO solutions to upscale cargo dimension accuracy, maximise capacity and revenue, and improve cost control. New technology expected to boost capacity by more than 3,000 tonnes a year

72. Blue Yonder’s Luminate

Blue Yonder’s Luminate

Blue Yonder’s Luminate® Commerce solutions help provide seamless experiences online and in-stores from click to deliver/collect, by unifying inventory, order promising, order management, and omni-fulfillment to deliver the right product, at the right time, through your consumer’s channel of choice.



An e-commerce fulfilment company in Asia optimises IT costs and increases agility with Google Cloud Platform



Full suite of Passenger, Driver, and Operator applications to meet your transport and logistics needs.

75. Maxicom Global

Maxicom Global

Maxicom Global Singapore provides a one stop technology enabled, comprehensive reverse supply chain solution. Maxicom Global Singapore understands that the power of reverse logistics is in data and so its solution’s backbone is its proprietary technology platform that provides end-to-end data visibility of the returned products from point of origin to its final disposition. Maxicom Global Singapore's single goal is to help companies make their reverse logistics process a competitive advantage, allowing them to focus on their core competency of delighting customers through world class products.



Provide a high quality delivery service and keep clients in the loop. Allow clients to see and track all their pending or completed deliveries. Communications just got better!Find out how you can simplify your logistics tracking and delivery management processes at a minimal cost, with Detrack


People also ask of logistics

​<h3>Monitor abnormal parcel</h3>

Monitor abnormal parcel

Monitor abnormal parcel in real time and provide corresponding solutions in time.

<h3>Business models</h3>

Business models

Parcel delivery system business models such as International express integration, cross- border small parcel integration, Domestic fulfillment order management and cross-border e-commerce service integration etc., And also provide custom development service.

<h3>​API connection</h3>

​API connection

API connection, data connection and information chain sharing with various parcel delivery system ERP trading assistants.



Bonded parcel warehouse, Overseas warehouse parcel transport and parcel FBA replenishment management etc. Parcel delivery system business requirements, optimize business timeliness.

<h3>Channel routing</h3>

Channel routing

Channel routing, multi-channel supplier selections, parcel transparent price, achieving the parcel delivery optimal pricing standard. 

<h3>​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path</h3>

​Tracking and monitoring the parcel path

Tracking and monitoring the parcel path, and updating the parcel information in real time. 

​<h3>The freight budget</h3>

The freight budget

The freight budget, surcharges, VAT, multi-step freight fees calculation and multiple parcel shipment.



Parcel delivery system integrating all cross-border collaboration partners in the parcel delivery system supply chain to achieve data docking. Real-time order data monitoring return. 

<h3>Docking with operation station<h3>

Docking with operation station

Docking with parcel operation station, monitoring parcel a-scan, parcel scan, parcel weighs, parcel sorting, parcel package, and other data in real-time. Implement complex parcel sorting logic and mobile operations. 

<h3>Diversified Label Printing</h3>

Diversified Label Printing

Diversified parcel delivery label printing. Allowing different custom parcel delivery label templates of the channel side to export templates, docking files, produce commercial invoices and bills. 

<h3>Various Creation Methods<h3>

Various Creation Methods

Various order creation methods, including manual addition, template batch addition and API docking addition. Automatically obtaining platform delivery orders. 

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