The 7 Rs of Logistics


Briefly, cross-border is the exchange of goods over a border. To achieve efficient cross-border transportation, we need a deep understanding of the concept of 7R. The 7R of logistics is a well-known and important concept in logistics management, as it is the basis for ensuring the smooth operation of all operations, from transportation logistics to the procurement of goods for customers. In general, logistics management requires the best planning in order to run smoothly.

The 7 Rs of Logistics

The Right Product

Getting the right information and using the right product would help maximize time and money efficiently.

When designing/manufacturing/selecting products, organizations should consider potential problems that may arise during transportation. For example, special packaging requirements may arise from the weight or volume of the product, its shape or vulnerability, and its transport distance.

When the product is designed properly, if they ensure that there is a certain degree of standardization in the measurement of the product during the design process, it will make packaging, warehousing, product handling, and transportation quite easy, which will greatly promote logistics.

The Right Quantity

Sending the right amount of products is also important in logistics.

Supply chain managers are responsible for determining the correct quantity of deliverables and working with production and distribution to ensure that the correct quantity of product is delivered to the customer.

In short, all companies must verify which products will be sent to make sure they have what they need on hand and don't overdeliver or underdeliver.

The Right Condition

The product should reach the customer in good condition.

Before the product reaches the end-user or customer, the purchasing department is obliged to ensure that the product is properly packaged and shipped to the customer in the correct condition. Whether they are fragile or not, each product is carefully stored and placed in appropriate facilities to ensure the quality of the particular item.

The Right Place

The next important aspect is that they will give the right material to the correct location.

Supply chain managers should ensure that they have efficient logistics personnel, effective transportation management systems, or route optimization software so that both consumers and suppliers should monitor the products at the exact location & deliver it to the right spot.

The Right Time

When we talk about logistics, time is a crucial factor. Because all the customers pay great attention to the delivery time.

Even if all other aspects of the process are performed correctly, the whole process can fail if the timing is not correct. You must have the product on the shelf or in stock at the right time to meet demand; Otherwise, you may lose market share to your competitors.

Consumer happiness and long-term cooperation are only possible if goods are delivered to consumers at the perfect time.

The Right Customer

Customers are the cornerstone of supply chain operations.

To find the right customer, we must first identify the customer and then raise awareness of our products and services. One of the most challenging aspects is determining who the target customer is.

If the goods are sold in the right market, then the business will get more potential customers and reach a long-term cooperation with customers.

The Right Price

Pricing is crucial for companies, as it is the aspect that determines the profit or loss that has been sustained. 

Supply chain managers should study market trends and set competitive prices for goods and services. They must have an appropriate price value to track the company's revenue and expenses. Successful logistics management services require a reliable system to store and update accurate pricing information.

Advantages of logistics 7R

It contributes to the control of product flow, as well as the effective planning and management of goods and information storage, so as to meet customer needs, reduce costs, and increase profits.

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The 7 Rs of Logistics

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