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What is cross-border logistics management?

Logistics involves the movement of parcels from the point of origin to the point of consumption, usually - the general customer or company, suppliers, the choice of transport modes, routes, and delivery methods are an important part of logistics operations. Logistics management is part of the supply chain and uses planning and implementation to store and deliver goods and services to customers. It coordinates several key activities in the supply chain from product development to commercialization.


Challenges of cross-border logistics management

Logistics is prone to several problems that occur mainly due to simple human error or other factors. Poor decision-making often leads to delays in the transport or delivery of parcels, which in turn leads to customer dissatisfaction. In addition, another challenge commonly faced by logistics is the safe transportation of parcels. Parcels can be damaged or malfunction if they are not handled accordingly during transport.

Customer demands are also becoming more demanding, as they want more transparency in the delivery process. In addition, logistics and supply chains are faced with the still unresolved issue of cost control. Rising fuel costs, coupled with sharp increases in energy, freight, and labor prices, are putting further pressure on logistics providers. Effective risk management and management of relationships between suppliers and partners are also important. 

Reliable solutions that cover all these individual challenges in logistics have therefore become a necessity. The use of cross-border logistics management solutions software (LMS) can streamline logistics operations and guide logistics providers or companies in the appropriate handling.

Higher operating costs: In the development of enterprises, the higher concern is the cost issue, because the ultimate goal of enterprises is to make a profit, of course, the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry will also face this problem, and is a problem that must be considered, the current context, it is faced with the relatively high operating costs of the problem. Therefore, in future development, ensuring the reduction of cross-border logistics operating costs is the focus of the work of the business logistics industry.


The advantages of having  cross-border logistics management software

In logistics, there are several advantages to transferring processes to cross-border logistics management solutions. With logistics management software, companies or 3PL (third-party logistics) providers can take advantage of the following advantages.

Transport: Transport is an important area of logistics. It generates the most costs in the form of fuel, energy, labor, highway tolls, and freight. Relying on logistics software can help manage the various modes of transport and automate processes using operational data. Logistics management software makes it easy to analyze data and make relevant decisions to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Faster delivery: The logistics and supply chain industry face several issues that affect delivery and cause delays. By integrating logistics software, companies can streamline their logistics processes to deliver products to customers quickly. It ultimately reduces shipping delays to a large extent minimizing human error, Another significant advantage of having logistics management software is the reduction of human error. Manual analysis of large volumes of traffic data is difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone. Logistics software can process this data in less time and without any errors, moving the operation forward seamlessly with minimal/zero delay.

Self-service: Process automation is a boon to logistics software integration. It eliminates paperwork and helps to process processes in an efficient and timely manner. Cost reduction: It enables the rapid go-live of cross-border logistics service providers and facilitates the digital transformation of cross-border logistics companies, reducing costs and improving efficiency for logistics companies


How eTower helps third-party logistics (3PL) to cross-border logistics management

Operate, optimize and automate the end-to-end operations of 3PLs to reduce logistics operational costs, improve logistics visibility, enhance customer experience and enable on-time delivery of parcels.

An end-to-end digital platform for 3PL growth that reduces costs improves efficiency and increases customer retention

eTower provides seamless and custom logistics and transport management software for the unique needs of logistics management businesses


Features of eTower

Manage their logistics business efficiently using our sales/financial reports, electronic paperwork, and parcel order placement records.

The best way to organize and track all parcels, assets, platforms, and documents in real time

Execute complex parcel cross-border shipping operations by giving all departments and branches access to a federated system and managing finances with customized reports.

Orders, shipments, documents, invoices, contracts, and more, are all deeply integrated into the logistics management software platform

Give your teams the tools they need to work collaboratively and achieve greater productivity.

Organize your entire supply chain and keep everything under control.


Software That Streamlines Logistics: Get Started Today

eTower is a unique and comprehensive cloud-based collaborative solution for cross-border e-commerce logistics that helps companies manage their operations efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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