Parcel Handling

Parcel Handling

Informatization, digitalization and visualization of the offline parcel operation processing. It also supports the docking with all kinds of external equipment/device (such as Scanning and weighing equipment). Helping logistics providers to improve the operating efficiency of the parcel operation hub, and monitor some anomalies in the operation processing.

Optimizing Postal and Parcel Handling Systems

In times of unprecedented cargo acquisition, driven by a surge in online shopping, postal and parcel handling companies face ever-changing challenges and rising customer expectations. This article highlights the importance of integrated logistics management and transportation solutions for postal and parcel handling systems.

E-Commerce Revolution

The growth of online shopping has reshaped the logistics landscape, with goods increasingly being shipped directly to consumers rather than brick-and-mortar storefronts. This shift places enormous demands on postal and parcel companies, thereby boosting the need for innovative solutions.

Meeting the challenges of modern shipping

Faced with increasingly close international connections and increasing cross-border parcel shipping business, companies have two options: expand infrastructure or optimize existing systems. The goal was clear - to find efficient ways to handle and optimize the growing demands of parcel logistics. This is where Post and Parcel Handling Solutions such as eTower step in.

eTower's Postal and Parcel Handling Solutions

eTower offers tailor-made solutions to meet today's challenges and prepares scalability for the various needs of tomorrow's parcel logistics. Their method involves six steps:


Informatization, digitization, and visualization of offline parcel processing. Analyze parcel data to understand each customer's parcel shipping business and goals. Identify areas for improvement and requirements for future success.

Design Integration

It also supports docking with various external equipment/devices (such as scanning, weighing equipment, conveyors, sorting systems), improving working conditions and parcel handling capacity, and coordinating work to improve efficiency.


Ongoing support services are available, including a 24/7 helpline to resolve issues and provide technical assistance. Provides preventative monitoring to proactively address potential issues.

Effective Redesign and Retrofit

eTower understands that not all businesses can afford to relocate to a larger facility. Therefore, they offer comprehensive warehouse redesign services, optimizing available space and integrating efficient systems.

Benefits of Upgrading to an Automated Handling System

Automation of postal and parcel handling systems increases efficiency, reduces errors and enhances safety. It also improves parcel tracking, monitors some anomalies in operational processing, reduces parcel damage and increases customer satisfaction.

eTower provides premium end-to-end processing solutions

eTower offers end-to-end parcel handling and logistics solutions, competitive pricing and customization options. They are committed to delivering operational improvements and successful outcomes for each client.


In conclusion, the e-commerce revolution has propelled the postal and parcel handling industry into a new era of challenges and opportunities. By employing integrated logistics management, parcel shipping solutions and eTower's expertise, you can optimize your parcel logistics operations, meet growing parcel shipping customer demands, and position yourself for future success.

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