Parcel logistics Management

eTower help Integrator to provide the shipper with convenient order service module, through API connection with e-commerce platform, ERP system and last-mile carrier, eTower achieve the order quick creation and label printing an the same time. By preset the logistics service and rate card in the shipper account, integrator can make the order process easier for shippers.

Informatization, digitalization and visualization of the offline parcel operation processing. It also supports the docking with all kinds of external equipment/device (such as Scanning and weighing equipment). Helping logistics providers to improve the operating efficiency of the parcel operation hub, and monitor some anomalies in the operation processing.

Logistics providers pay special attention to the overall logistics flow, authority management and data security. eTower help logistics provider to achieve all-round logistics enterprise management through the shippers management, internal users setting, functional roles control, logistics service routing and rate card control, etc.

Parcel logistics Management

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