How does the International Logistics System Help the Freight forwarding Company?


In international logistics system, the efficiency of the freight forwarder operation is not the most important, but the customer experience that gives the progress after the operation. As a logistics system company, eTower develops international logistics system software can not only move the office anytime and anywhere but also quickly follow up the business efficiency of freight forwarders.

How does the International Logistics System Help the Freight forwarding Company?cid=47

In recent years, this is the stage of transition from the traditional international logistics system to the cloud international logistics system. Now many freight forwarding companies have begun to use the eTower international logistics system, which has been widely used in practical operations.

As a result, the business capabilities of many freight forwarders that used international logistics systems in the last year have been significantly improved. In the development process of the international logistics system, software technology bears the brunt and is an important factor in creating business advantages. This can only be determined by the strength of the international logistics system development company. All a freight forwarder can do is to choose a good international logistics system to work with an enterprising international logistics system team.

Some capable and ambitious freight forwarding friends will consider opening their own freight forwarding company(such as 3PL/4PL) with the resources at hand. The business gradually increases and the scale gradually expands. At this time, a new problem will be added, the management of the freight forwarding company. Many small to mid-sized freight forwarding teams have built thousands of miles this year due to small gaps in management.

You can also book, reconcile and reconcile online. At the same time, the logistics e-commerce support toolkit can quickly maintain the floor price of the freight forwarder, and can display it to different customers according to the different growth rates preset by each customer. The combination of these functions enables FMS freight forwarding management system to realize the mobile office of freight forwarding business and freight forwarding sales, and provide various data and operation functions required.

For freight forwarders, it not only improves efficiency, but also avoids the extra time required, and the services provided by trading companies and factories become more timely.

eTower international logistics system software can not only move the office anytime and anywhere but also quickly follow up the business efficiency of freight forwarders.

Custom cloud international logistics system

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eTower, a logistics system companyhas expertise and experience that puts us in a unique position to implement an international logistics system tailored to your needs and to help you and your logistics business grow. We use a comprehensive approach to carefully analyze your cross-border environment in order to effectively implement and successfully deploy the right international logistics system.


eTower offers world-class, results-driven consultancy, training, and 24/7 support services. Whether you run a small logistics services business or manage the operations of a large international logistics company, you can rely on our international logistics system support to help you grow your business.

Systems Integration

If your company's previous international logistics system now has pressing incompatibilities or involves multiple logistics types, eTower will modernize it to remain competitive in the current market. With deep industry expertise and highly trained specialists, eTower will provide the hardware and software to "connect the dots" and enable seamless applications. We are a full-service international logistics system integration company with a focus on value-driven business solutions and services.


eTower consists of a team of highly skilled professionals focused on helping you maximize the value of your international logistics system. We provide you with international logistics tools, international logistics expertise and international logistics experience to help you grow your international logistics business, reduce your overall costs and streamline your international logistics system.


eTower provides extensive post-implementation services to ensure that the client's business objectives are met, that the features and functionality of the implementation are understood and that users are properly trained. In the post-implementation phase, we continue to evaluate opportunities to optimize the existing international logistics system to ensure that the implemented international logistics system continues to operate at maximum efficiency.

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