Inside the Success of Temu's Innovative Logistics During Black Friday 2023


Inside the Success of Temu's Innovative Logistics During Black Friday 2023.jpg 

How eTower alike logistics software systems Revolutionized E-commerce Shipping and Supply Chain Solutions

In the wake of 2023's Black Friday, a surprising shift in the e-commerce landscape was observed: Temu, a rising star in the e-commerce sector, outshined traditional giants like Amazon, marking a significant change in global e-commerce logistics and supply chain management.


This year's Black Friday sales for Amazon in the U.S. plummeted, as many sellers faced a sharp decline in orders despite heavy discounts. The high warehousing and logistics fees on Amazon have been a point of contention for merchants, leading to a drastic shift towards platforms like Temu.


Temu, leveraging its low-price competition strategy and comprehensive logistics planning, emerged victorious. Its success can be attributed to an early emphasis on an integrated logistics system, offering more strategic planning and market penetration advantages. This pivot has proven crucial for merchants looking to capitalize on the growing trend of cross-border e-commerce logistics and multi-role e-commerce collaboration.


eTower's capabilities in node efficiency monitoring and data analysis have become indispensable for logistics service providers aspiring to partner with major cross-border eCommerce platforms. The eTower platform stands as a pivotal resource, offering a full-link logistics management solution adept at handling the complexities of global e-commerce logistics.

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The eTower system thrives in an environment where traditional logistics and warehousing models are being challenged. With an integrated logistics system, it offers a seamless e-commerce logistics solution, crucial for the dynamic demands of platforms like Temu.


The logistics landscape has been reshaped by platforms like Temu, which have introduced a full-managed model. In this model, vendors focus on product manufacturing and rely on platforms for operations like sales, pricing, and logistics. This shift highlights the increasing need for robust e-commerce supply chain management solutions, a domain where eTower excels.


The success story of Temu, supported by logistics service providers utilizing eTower's software solution, serves as a testament to the evolving needs of global e-commerce logistics. This synergy has not only enabled Temu to make inroads into global markets but also positioned eTower as a strong force in providing integrated logistics solutions for the dynamic world of e-commerce.


As e-commerce continues to grow, the role of sophisticated logistics systems like eTower becomes increasingly crucial. With its advanced capabilities in handling complex logistics needs and its strategic alignment with emerging market trends, eTower is poised to continue playing a key role in the transformation of global e-commerce logistics and supply chain management.

About eTower

As one of WallTech's flagship products, eTower is dedicated to providing collaborative software solutions for e-commerce logistics.

By integrating with eTower, all parties involved in the international or domestic e-commerce logistics chain can easily share data, leading to more efficient collaboration.

Since its launch in 2014, eTower has enjoyed nearly a decade of steady growth. It has now achieved platform-level integration with hundreds of global e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, transportation carriers, national postal companies, last-mile-carriers and courier companies.

Inside the Success of Temu's Innovative Logistics During Black Friday 2023.jpg 

It has also integrated with thousands of international e-commerce sellers and e-commerce platforms like eBay, Wish, AliExpress, and Amazon, processing millions of orders daily.

Inside the Success of Temu's Innovative Logistics During Black Friday 2023.jpg 

eTower's current core capabilities include integrated scanning, weighing, measuring, automated sorting line adaptation, intelligent warnings for package exceptions, and intelligent cloud data analysis.

eTower has a wealth of experience in helping clients transform from labor-driven to technology-driven digital operations, and from data-driven services to smart services.

For more information about eTower's latest solutions for multi-warehouse management, please visit our website

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